Apathy, neglect written all over Langol Housing Complex road


Imphal, September 28 2017: Shija Hospital to Langol Lairembi road stretch, also known as Langol Housing Complex road and which is considered one of the most neglected roads since the time of the previous Government, still remains as neglected by the present State Government today.

The road, which stretches for more than three kilometres from Shija Hospital to Langol Lairembi, is located some five to six kilometres away from the State Capital Imphal .

The road condition is quite similar to the Mary Kom road, with numerous and large potholes in the middle of the road .

In some areas, drain water can even be seen flowing through the middle of the road.

During the dry season, the road becomes extremely dusty which creates immense inconveniences to the people and drivers .

Due to the torrential downpour in the last few days, potholes measuring around four to five feet were found filled with rain water .

The locals pointed out that they have forgotten when was the last time any black topping was done on the road, as the previous as well as the present Government have completely neglected the road .

A woman also stated that the condition of the road is becoming worse day by day due to the heavy traffic along the road as a number of school vans, buses and taxis use it .

The locals conveyed that some months back, when the people of Langol Housing Complex announced their decision to block the road, Deputy CM and Uripok Constituency MLA, Y Joykumar sent some of his workers along with some Tata dipper filled with stones to fill the potholes but, after that, has remained silent till date .

They also expressed disappointment at the State Government for failing to repair the road although it took great pain to fix and repair the road from Home Guard HQs to Shija Hospital crossing .

The locals also reminded the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers that the area from Shija Hospital crossing to Langol Lairembi, is also a part of the State .

They further appealed to the State Government and the authority concerned to look into the matter at the earliest and to repair the road taking into account the suffering of the people.

Source: The Sangai Express


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