Biren should de-notify ‘Disturbed Area’ tag immediately and fulfil BJP’s poll promise to repeal AFSPA from Manipur


Dr Th Suresh Singh

Do we Manipuris know that AFSPA is imposed in Manipur by our own state government? I doubt it very much. With our inability to read any topic minutely and thereby unable to interrupt any topic correctly, legally or otherwise, the same applies to our knowledge of AFSPA enforcement in the state. Anyway, one can’t blame our innocent common citizens who follow our pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-leaders for this lack of knowledge/ clarity.
Hence, for these so-called intellectuals and leaders, Let your pen-driver put it on record that the draconian Act is enforced in Manipur by our own state Government by declaring Manipur as ‘Disturbed Area’ in exercise of powers conferred by section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (Act No. 28 of 1958) as amended from time to time. Notification is done in the name of the Governor of Manipur from time to time.

With my AFSPA repeal case remaining unheard at our Supreme Court even after listing about 30 times or so during the last 5 years ( since 2012), the BJP government in the state will also be doing a favour to your Opinion Maker if it stops this notification of ‘Disturbed Area’ jargon. With law and order improving every year, and 1 or 2 actual encounters in a year between security forces and militants, time is now ripe for the state government to act and fulfil its pole promises. The latest admission of a peaceful Manipur was from our own Governor Dr Najma Heptulla, who spoke at the 7th conclave of Ramalingaswamy Fellows at hotel Classic on 28/08/2017. She stated that Manipur is now quite peaceful contrary to what people living outside Manipur think ie a trouble-torn State. Union Home Minister Rajnath, speaking at NIA residential office inauguration at Lucknow, also stated that NE insurgency has reduced by 75%.

I also can share my research findings of 5-year duration which was submitted to the Supreme Court if CM & co wants to. In the findings, I had shown the declining trends of various forms of violence for 5 years ie 2012-16. Hence, there is no justification for continuation of this draconian Act.

With Assam showing its maturity by extending AFSPA for another 6 months wef 1st September 2017 by its own, Manipur should saw maturity and humanity by de-notification of the same immediately and free our state from AFSPA. It is long overdue. Remember, AFSPA is imposed in Assam by the centre and extended from time to time for the last 27 years.
In every pole promises of the State Assembly election, the BJP had stated that AFSPA will be removed from the state if it comes to power. Remember, BJP is not the only one, other parties do the same only to forget as soon as the election is over. Hence, BJP should not lost the golden opportunity to garner public support and sympathy. That’s why I plead that Biren should de-notify ‘Disturbed Area’ tag immediately and fulfil BJP’s pole promise to repeal AFSPA from Manipur

Many people were asking the progress of my AFSPA repeal case at Supreme Court. Yes the WP (C) no. 445/2012 for repeal of AFSPA from Manipur was filled in September 2012 and 1st hearing for admission was on 19th October. It remained unheard since than even after cause-listing for 30 times or so. It is tagged with the one extra-judicial killing case no WP (Crl) 129/2012. Unless and until the extrajudicial killing hearing is completed, mine repeal one will not be heard. What a great injustice in our own Apex Court. I am now in the catch 24 situation in spite of spending all my pension money. That is the factual situation as of now. However, once, it is heard, centre has no option except to repeal it from Manipur.

Source: The Sangai Express


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