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Career option in Audio/Sound Engineering

Ranjan K Baruah

There might not be any person who does not love to watch movies or listen to music. Music has been an integral part of our life since ages. Music or songs are important part of movies and hence there is always demand for good music. With the advancement of science and technology there are new sophisticated equipments which are used in music industry. One of the career option related to this is audio or sound engineering. Audio Engineering is all about capturing sound, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing sound using electronic and mechanical devices. It involves both production and post production tasks. Audio engineering is one of the most admired and promising career amongst young generation that offers immense opportunity in the field of film, video production, sound broadcasting and advertising both in India and abroad. To be good in this field, lot of dedication and interest is essential.

There are formal courses related to this option. A course in audio engineering involves the study of the technical and creative aspects of sound recording, editing and mixing. Most of the courses often start with the basic theory and frequencies of sound and covers a broad area in recording, post production, live-sound reinforcement and as well broadcasting, etc. There are courses like degree as well as diploma courses available in many parts of the country. Trained people can be placed as studio engineer, sound recordist, broadcast engineer, sound editor, mix engineer, recording engineer, etc.

Courses which are available in this field are like as Certificate Course in Audio Engineering, Diploma in Sound Engineering, etc.

Many young people from north east region have been able to earn fame and name by being in this profession. Most of the aspirants prefer places like Mumbai for these courses as the exposure is more in those places. There are immense potential in this filed as north east region is rich in music and with involvement of new techniques and equipments innovations can be made. These innovations will promote the music of the region and at the same time many may get involved in the profession for which aspirants need dedication and also proper training and exposure.
All those who are interested in this field must have information related to different types of music. Concentration, patience, good understanding, good sense of pitch, timing and rhythm are the other flair needed for an audio engineer. They must be proficient with different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multi track recorders and workstations and computer knowledge.

Greece Scholarships: The State Scholarships Foundation of Greece (IKY) is offering 50 scholarships to foreign nationals including Indians for attending courses and seminars in Greece in the Modern Greek Language and Culture. Last date for sending application is 6th September.

The CSIR-North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat, has instituted a Scholarship Scheme for the students of NE Region for study at Bachelor Degree programme in natural/ basic sciences at B.Sc., B.Sc (Hons), integrated M.Sc./MS programs in any one of the recognized institutions in India. It is expected that through this scheme the students will be enthused to take science as their career. During the course, opportunity will be provided for a training / Project work in any CSIR Laboratory of India for a maximum period of six months. The scholarship is exclusively meant for students from North East India and the students must have obtained minimum 70% marks (or 7 in 10 scales) at 10+2 examination and passed in the y ear 2017only. Last date 15th Sep.

(For further information and career planning interested students may contact at 98640 55558)

Source: The Sangai Express



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