Catching up with former CM, former CSs : Naming the big fishes


Naming the big fishes. Rare it is for big names to be named when it comes to corruption cases and apart from the huge amount involved, what made the FIR news on September 1 all that more newsworthy was the fact that big names, all very big names, were named in the FIR lodged in connection with the scam involving the Manipur Development Society (MDS).

One former Chief Minister, three former Chief Secretaries, who also doubled up as the Chairman of the Society, the Project Director of MDS and an Administrative Officer.

An FIR does not necessarily mean that all the named personalities dipped their finger in the Rs 185.79 crore, but already a statement has been delivered in just naming them.

Making things more interesting is the fact that the present BJP led Government did not hesitate in leaking the bombastic information to the press.

So it was that all the Imphal based newspapers published the said news as the lead story.

More than sure that the news must have gone down well with a large number of people, for remember it is always the common folk who have been at the receiving end of corruption where the only language understood is the crisp note that pass hands.

In fact so endemic is corruption that nothing seems to move without money changing hands.

When a white collared Government job comes with a price, a steep price, then it can be taken for granted that such a job is out of the reach of majority of the people.

This is the reason why landed properties are mortgaged and the mother of the family has to mortgage or even sell off her jewelleries in search of a Government job for her son or daughter.

Merit be damned. It is this culture which came out tumbling from the closet of the MDS on September 1 and let the named persons be questioned thoroughly so that those who dipped their little, dirty fingers in the pie are punished accordingly.

Care should however be taken to ensure that the latest development is not reduced to the level of a witch hunt.

There should be no political angle to it and the interrogation should proceed with the intention of digging out the truth and not to score a point or two over the former Congress Government.

The crack down on the MDS scam should not come within the framework of the BJP’s slogan Congress Mukt. This should be made very clear to the present BJP led coalition Government.

Let this crackdown be also the beginning of cleansing the system so that everyone gets a fair deal, whether it is about executing a contract work, employment opportunities or getting one’s file moved from one table to the other.

That the BJP led Government seems to be clear on tackling corruption can be seen from the manner in which the Anti-Corruption Cell has been set up and made to work actively.

Now that an FIR has been lodged against the high and mighty, leave no stone unturned to ensure that this is just not a trailer but the beginning of getting down to the business of cleansing the system and hauling up those who did not hesitate in fattening their bank balance by hook or crook.

The ball has been set rolling, let it roll and let it reach the intended target. Do not let it stop mid way and do not let the FIR be an eye wash.

Source: The Sangai Express


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