Existing fuel stock can cope 1 month of highway blockade


Imphal, September 26 2017: After additional tanker trucks were requisitioned which led to increased transportation of fuel (petrol and diesel) at the insistence of the State Government in the run up to the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly election, the fuel stock has grown remarkably well and there would be no shortage of petrol and diesel even if there is highway blockade for one full month.

Likewise, the State Government needs to exert strong pressure on the IOC to increase the number of bulk LPG TTs from the existing 150 so as to tide over the existing crisis of acute LPG shortage in the State .

It is reported that IOC too is keen to raise the number of bulk LPG TTs .

The capacity of IOC’s hi-tech depot located at Malom is 21,975 Kls and unit-wise capacity is 5124 Kls of petrol, 11796 Kls of diesel and 5055 Kls of SK Oil .

Even though construction of the new depot had been completed, its storage tanks could not be filled to the full capacity due to insufficient fuel transportation on account of law and order problems and bad road conditions .

Fuelled by apprehension about possible shortage of fuel during the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly election, the State Government exerted strong pressure on the IOC to ensure that there was no shortage of fuel .

Subsequently, the IOC enlisted 200 TTs on ad-hoc basis to its existing 500 TTs.

Out of the 200 TTs enlisted on ad-hoc basis, around 70 are from Assam and some of them are of 29 Kls capacity, sources informed .

On account of increased transportation of fuel by enlarged fleet of TTs, petrol and diesel storage tanks have been filled to their full capacity but the storage tanks of SK Oil could not be filled to the full capacity as yet .

With the petrol and diesel storage tanks now full, loaded TTs have no space for unloading.

Till yesterday, 142 petrol tankers and 91 diesel tankers were standing at the depot awaiting their turn for unloading .

26 other loaded petrol tankers and 17 diesel tankers reached Imphal today.

The convoy of TTs which reached Imphal today included 19 bulk LPG TTs .

Like petrol and diesel, there is a need to increase the volume and frequency of transporting bulk LPG to the State.

Black marketing of LPG refills at exorbitant prices can be reduced considerably once there is healthy stock of LPG.

As such, the State Government need to exert strong pressure on IOC to requisition additional number of bulk LPG TTs .

There is growing need to enlarge the IOC fleet of bulk LPG TTs from the existing 150 to around 300, said the sources .

The State Government and the IOC need to coordinate and take up effective measures so that consumers can buy LPG refills from distributors any time they need just like petrol and diesel .

As calculated by IOC based on market demand, the State’s monthly requirement of LPG is just 2400 MT.

Even though 2400 MT is not a big quantity, IOC is unable to ensure regular supply of LPG refills to consumer.

This is largely due to inadequate transportation of bulk LPG to the State, said the sources .

However, one official of CAF&PD Department put the State’s annual requirement of LPG at 5117.86 MT .

The State’s total number of LPG consumers is 3,60,413.If they are given 12 refills of 14.2 Kg capacity in a year, then the State’s annual entitlement of LPG is 5117.86 MT, said the official pointing out that entitlement and requirement are tow different things.

Source: The Sangai Express


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