High promises, high expectations : BJP Govt up to it ?


High on promises. Obviously this means that the expectations of the people will also be high.

It however remains to be seen how much distance the Government will walk to meet the expectations of the people.

Not that anyone expects the Government to be able to meet all the expectations of the people, but the effort to deliver the goods should be there.

As a seasoned political leader, no one will know this better than Chief Minister N Biren himself.

Likewise no one will know it better than him that creating expectations and actually fulfilling them are two very different things.

It is in line with this that the people will be expecting to see how much the Hill Leaders’ Day, held on the 10th of every month and Meeyamgi Numit held on the 15th of every month will better their lot.

Expectations will vary from one individual to another but obviously the healthy turnout at the residence of the Chief Minister on these two days and the interactions held by the Ministers with the public on these two days more than suggest that the people are not taking the new initiative to air their grievances to the power centre lightly.

All indications that the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers cannot lose sight of the expectations of the people.

It is here that questions may well be raised on the outcome of the two important dates set aside for the public.

Just six months old and certainly the BJP led Government has time on its side, but if it wants to earn the goodwill of the people and look ahead to the future prospect of the BJP and the Government, then it will have to ensure that it delivers on some of the cases brought by the people.

Just interacting with the people with no follow up action to deliver will amount to nothing.

The BJP led Government has indeed succeeded in reaching out to the hill people, taking the NPF on board, resolving the then UNC sponsored economic blockade, ending the Churachandpur stand off, holding the Shirui Lily Festival and the Barak Festival and throwing wide open the doors of the Chief Minister’s residence on the 10th of every month.

This however is the beginning for remember the tripartite talks over the districts creation issue is still going on with the UNC and it remains to be seen how Government will respond to the points put up by the Churachandpur JAC, especially the one pertaining to the creation of a new district.

It also remains to be seen how the Government will go about in introducing a new set of Bills to regulate the entry of non-locals as demanded by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System.

It is also a matter of conjecture on how the Government will proceed with the demand that the State Government recommend to the Centre that the Meiteis be included in the ST list of the Constitution of India.

These are some of the major issues that come to mind, but when is the Government planning to make its pre-poll promise of piped water supply to every household if the BJP is voted to power.

How about the roads in Imphal which have literally been turned into dirt tracks.

This is not the working season, but when will the repairing work start and from where will the funds arrive for mending the potholes which today adorn all the roads and lanes of Imphal?

These are some questions which the BJP led Government should concentrate on.

Source: The Sangai Express


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