Incessant rain in last 24 hrs : Rivers in spate, bridge swept away, paddy fields, houses flooded


Imp/Tbl/Kak, September 19 2017: Consequent upon incessant rainfall during the past 24 hours, water levels of all major rivers flowing through Manipur valley have risen considerably .

The water level of Chakpi River is so high that it has started flooding Sugnu apart from sweeping away an approach road to Chakpikarong bridge even though the area is known to be quite elevated .

The water level has reached above the waist line of a normal adult, especially in Sugnu and Wapokpi, cutting them off from other neighbouring areas.

The present flood from Sugnu ward no 1 to 5 and Wapokpi ward no 9 has reached dangerous level, reports our correspondent .

The bridge was swept away by the strong river current this morning.

As a result, villages located on either side of the bridge have been disconnected .

The same approach road was swept away by flood waters on July 31, 2015.The bridge remained inaccessible for sometime until the road was repaired .

After the road has been swept away for the second time in two years, villages located on the side of Sajik Tampak have been cut off .

The incessant rain in the last 24 hours has also raised the water level of several rivers flowing through Thoubal, Kakching and Chandel districts, resulting in renewed flooding of many houses and roads .

The water level of Imphal river, which flows through Kakching district, witnessed a sudden increase and over flooded areas in Sugnu, Wapokpi, Tangjen and Wangoo.

Many domestic animals have also been missing from the affected areas .

The flood also hit Naapat area under Kumbi AC, and the locals have fled to safer places .

A team of district police led by Deputy Commissioner of Kakching district, Teliyan Leleithang Kom, inspected the worse hit areas of Sugnu, Serou and Naapat and the district administration took swift action like setting up a relief camp for the victims .

On the other hand, the overflowing water of Kakching Khunou river has inundated many paddy fields in the surrounding areas and many houses in Keirak ward no 4/7, near Keirak dam, are reported to have been flooded due to the overflowing of Sekmai river .

At Moirang too many areas have been flooded following the incessant rain .

A team of Kakching police led by SDPO, Kakching Thingam Deshorjit along with a team of Thoubal CDO reached the flood hit areas and assisted the people in transporting their belongings .

The rise in the water level of Sekmai river in Kakching district led to panic of a potential flash floods and Sora bazar remained empty due to the rise of water level in the area .

Meanwhile in Thoubal district, many roads and houses in Sangaiyumpham area have been flooded due to overflowing of Wangjing river.

However, with the help of a heavy machinery, provided by the MLA of Khangabok AC, O Surjakumar, the locals managed to block the overflowing water .

Apart from affecting the bridge, the overflowing water of Chakpi river has also flooded numerous houses and fields in the nearby areas .

According to information received from Irrigation and Flood Control Department, the water levels of Imphal River, Iril River and Nambul River have risen though they have not yet reached the danger level.

On the other hand, in a rare case, the water level of Chakpi River has risen uncannily .

Meanwhile IFC Minister Letpao Haokip today held a meeting with officials of his department and reviewed the unfolding situation .

Rainfall rates recorded today were 10 mm at Raj Bhavan, 12 mm at Lamphel, 13 mm at Kangpokpi, 7 mm at Saikul, 10 mm at Litan and 2 mm at Jiribam .

On account of the rising water level of Chakpi River, huge volumes of water are being accumulated at Mayang Imphal area.

The State today recorded overall rainfall rate of 86.8 mm, informed the source.

Many localities of Imphal and greater Imphal areas too have been flooded.

Source: The Sangai Express


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