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Joykisan questions Night Plaza wisdom, accuses Govt of robbing MLAs’ K-oil quota

Imphal, September 27 2017: Even though each of the State’s MLA is entitled to 3000 litres of SK oil in a month, the State Government has been plundering 500 litres from the quotas of each MLA, alleged Congress MLA Kh Joykisan.

Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan here today, Joykisan while acknowledging the establishment of Anti-Corruption Cell (ACC) in the name of eradicating corruption, asked the Government why it has been looting MLAs’ entitlements, particularly those of Opposition MLAs .

Pointing out that the State Assembly had already passed a Bill and due notification was issued under which MLAs are entitled to 3000 litres SK Oil every month apart from salary and allowances, Joykisan demanded a clarification from CAF&PD Minister .

Deduction of 500 litres of SK Oil from the MLAs’ monthly quota implies gross abuse of power and misappropriation of public fund, he asserted .

Referring to the State Government’s announcement to open night plaza every Saturday and Sunday starting from October 2, Joykisan remarked that the Government’s new initiative demands thorough analysis of its merits and demerits before it is put into practice .

Citing a recent physical confrontation between groups of girls at Lamdeng, the Congress MLA questioned the possible scenario at liquor vendors located in and around Imphal city as and when the night plaza is opened .

He went on to ask if the Government is ready to take responsibility for any brawl and resultant casualties .

Whereas the Opposition parties’ proposal to repeal AFSPA was dismissed by the Chief Minister citing unconducive law and order situation, the Government came up with the bizarre idea of opening night plaza .

If the Government is determined to open night plaza, it would be advisable for the Government to announce a special package affected by floods.

If a small percentage of the economic packages of several hundred crores announced by the State Government for hill districts is sanctioned for development of roads affected by the recent floods, there can be uniform development across the State, Joykisan said.

Source: The Sangai Express



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