Longpi potwares attract crowd at crafts exhibition


Imphal, September 10 2017: For Yinmajo Luiram, a young woman from Longpi village of Ukhrul district, events like tourism festivals or exhibitions are a great boon for her business.

She is an artisan making black pots/wares from grounded and powdered rocks.

For generations, the villagers of Longpi have been practicing this art of pot making.

The artisans of Longpi participate at the State as well as National level exhibitions .

Displaying her goods at the ongoing workshop cum exhibition of pottery crafts at Nupilan Complex in Imphal organised by Directorate of Handlooms and Textiles, Government of Manipur, Yinmajo Luiram said that the potters of Longpi make different types of home-wares that include pots, plates, water containers of varied sizes and even decorative items .

Speaking to NNN, Yinmajo Luiram said that they look forward to tourism festivals like the Sangai Festival of Manipur.

“A single artisan can earn as much as Rs 1 lakh or even more during the Sangai Festival,” said a grinning Yinmajo Luiram.

Prices of these Longpi items range from as low as 150 per piece to a hefty Rs 4000.The Longpi artisans also put their products on sale in two different centres in Imphal.

According to Yinmajo, orders also come from different places .

Unlike the normal earthen pots, these Longpi products are hard and not easily broken.

People use them as decorative craft-pieces as well.

As of today, large size attractive pots of different shapes are often seen in drawing rooms in different parts of the country.

Source: The Sangai Express


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