MCI disapproves three PG courses at JNIMS


Imphal, September 05 2017: After a team of the Medical Council of India (MCI) had conducted a field inspection of the physical infrastructure and teaching facilities of JNIMS, the MCI has disapproved the proposal to open three PG courses at JNIMS citing lack of infrastructure, informed a source .

After MCI gave its consent to open MBBS course at JNIMS in 2015, 12 PG courses have been opened at the institute from this academic year .

The PG courses opened at JNIMS are Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Anaesthesia and Community Medicine.

The total seats for the 12 PG courses is 48 .

JNIMS authority has been preparing to open PG courses for Orthopaedics, Respiratory Medicine and Paediatrics from the next academic year 2018-19 and they sent an application to the MCI seeking Letter of Permission .

Subsequently, MCI sent a team and the team made a field assessment of the infrastructure and facilities available at JNIMS.

The team submitted their assessment report to MCI on August 2 .

The report was studied at a meeting of the MCI Post Graduate Medical Education Committee on August 22.As the report categorically stated that many necessary infrastructure and facilities are lacking, the MCI sent a recommendation to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informing that JNIMS is not yet fit to open MD (Orthopaedics), MD (Respiratory Medicine) and MD (Paediatrics) courses from the next academic year .

A copy of the assessment report was also sent to JNIMS authority, conveyed the source .

When any medical institute applies for Letter of Permit and invites MCI team for field assessment, the institute must pay Rs 3 lakh for each PG course they are planning to open.

Accordingly, JNIMS paid Rs 9 lakh but the Letter of Permit has been denied citing insufficient infrastructure .

Now, many quarters have started questioning as to why the JNIMS authority applied for the Letter of Permit in haste without doing necessary home-work.

If the JNIMS authority had done their home-work properly, the amount of Rs 9 lakh thus wasted could have been used in productive purposes, they opined .

Regarding the proposal to open MS (Orthopaedics) course, the MCI pointed out that two Associate Professors were promoted after the cut off date and their research publications did not deal with Orthopaedics.

As such, their promotion is invalid .

During the days of field assessment and random inspection, no major operation was performed .

As per hospital record, only 30 major operations were performed at the rate of one operation per day .

There is no knee and hip arthroplast instruments.

There is no facility for investigation of nerve conduction, EMG etc.

The total patient admitted in JNIMS in 2016 was 24588 at the rate of 82 patients per day, says the MCI recommendation and it pointed out that the data were incompatible .

With regard to the proposal for opening MD (Respiratory Medicine) course, the MCI pointed out that promotion of an Associate Professor to the post of Professor who did not have any research publication after the cut off date was not acceptable as per rules.

The Respiratory Medicine ward has neither respiratory rehabilitation clinic nor asthma clinic and only 30 per cent of the beds laid in the ward are occupied .

The department has only 35 books in its library, it pointed out and categorically stated that JNIMS was not fit to open PG course in Respiratory Medicine .

Likewise, the MCI remarked that JNIMS has no paediatric endocrine clinic, paediatric neurology clinic, neonatology clinic and immunization clinic regarding the proposal for opening MD (Paediatrics) course at JNIMS .

Source: The Sangai Express


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