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NPF Party will do everything to bring peace and for the welfare of the Naga people

Kohima, September 22: NPF Secretary General and MP Rajya Sabha, K.G Kenye  asserted that NPF party will do everything to bring peace in the state and work for the welfare of the Naga people though some expelled and suspended members are creating some chaotic situation from outside the parameter of the party Constitution.

Addressing media persons at the NPF Central office on Thursday, Kenye said the party has done everything to bring peace in the state citing the instances where 12 elected members from Democratic Party, the forerunner of the NPF, resigned enmasse from the assembly after ceasefire agreement was signed between the GoI and federal Nagaland on September 6, 1964.

He also said that the regional party has made “peace” priority for the state and during all these years, the party has passed a resolution more than 50 times and said the party shall stand by it till honorable and acceptable solution was achieved.

“The party has sacrificed and refrained from participating in the 1998 General Elections heeding the call of Naga Hoho who desired peace and not election and also maintained the party for five years without single MLA in the legislative assembly,” Kenye said.

He also said that if NPF party which has been the bridge between the Naga people and the Government of India for more than half a century, were to be dismantled, it would be a colossal loss to the people of the state and that no will be able to build the damaged bridge under any circumstance.

Reacting sharply against the statement made by MP Lok Sabha Neiphiu Rio who claimed that the party Constitution has been changed at the whims and fancies of the present leadership, Kenye said the Constitution amendment was done on July 13, 2015 after Central Executive Council of the party endorsed the amendments and authorized its president Dr. Shurhozelie to do the needful and that the members themselves voted in favour of the amendments.
“The president did not by-pass the CEC and so the allegation is baseless and unfounded,” he said.

On the allegation that extra constitutional power was exercised by the president, Kenye clarified that under the 7th amendment Article V it mentioned about the powers and functions of the president and in the new constitution, 8th amendment, nothing was changed from 7th amendment under the “Powers and Function of the President”.

On registering the dispute with ECI, Kenye said during the 2015 issue, ECI registered the case as “dispute case” within three days but during the present crisis which has been going on for more than two months now, ECI has not registered the case though the rebel group has asked the ECI to register as dispute case on August 27.

Therefore, Kenye said, there was no need to panic as ECI will determine if the party has violated its Constitution and will intimate the party if they register any complaints.
The MP was apprehensive that like in 2015, even this time the rebel might be intending to suggest ECI to freeze the party symbol, but exuded confidence that ECI will not act as such.
On the ultimatum served to NPF president Kenye reiterated that there was no provision in the constitution to impeach the president neither there was any law that empowers the legislators to “impeach” the party president.

However, he clarified, the President of the party, like all party functionaries, was liable to face disciplinary action to the extent of being expelled if the Disciplinary Action Committee finds him indulging in anti-party activities.

He said the NPF Legislature Wing, like any other subordinate Wings of the party, does not even have the power or competence to elect party functionaries even in village level, thereby he said the question of the President stepping down through the demand of the legislators does not arise.

The MP maintained that NPF was not a power monger and affirmed to stand by its principles and manifesto.

On whip issue, Kenye said the idea of having whip was to impose party principles and to ensure that legislators do not go out of the party constitution and said whip was an “appointed post” by the party.

He pointed out that legislators are not authorized persons to elect the Whip for the political party they belong to.

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot)com.



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