Pot holes decorate Mary Kom road under Uripok AC


Imphal, September 27 2017: The two kilometre stretch of road from State Election Department, Lamphel, to Langol National Games Village has remained neglected and completely forgotten by the State Government, despite its importance and significance.

The Lamphel DC to National Games village road is named after the five times International Women’s Boxing World Champion and London Olympic Bronze Medalist, MC Mary Kom, in recognition and honour of her feats in boxing.

The two kilometre stretch of road has been left unattended by the authority concerned and is littered with uncountable number of potholes, despite being only about 5 kilometres away from the State Capital which falls under Uripok Assembly Constituency of Deputy Chief Minister, Yumnam Joykumar Singh .

The road is considered one of the most important lifelines for those who are staying at National Games village and its surrounding area, and are forced use the road despite the number of inconveniences they face due to its conditions .

Mary Kom’s boxing academy is also located at the National Games village .

The condition of the road turned from bad to worse due to the sudden downpour, today morning, and all the potholes were filled with rain water further worsening the plight of the people who need to take the road .

During the dry season, the road is full of dust, which often gives untold misery to those driving two wheeler vehicles as well as the people living in the area .

The locals pointed out that the pathetic condition of the road has been existing for the past four years and the State Government has not taken up any steps to repair the said road .

One of the locals also claimed that the people staying at National Games village, pooled their own money and repaired the road by putting some stones in the potholes to fill them up .

He said that the incumbent Government promised to rid all the potholes from all major roads and to bring good road connectivity in the State and highlighted some of the road repairing in their 100 days achievement programme, but it is unfortunate that the same Government has failed see the plight of the people staying at Langol Games village and along the roadside.

Neither the State Govt nor the authority concerned, have ever inspected the road even once, he lamented .

The local further appealed to the State Government to look into the matter at the earliest and to make the road, an all weather motorable road, in the interest of the people.

Source: The Sangai Express


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