Since dead man tells no tale… Truth should be unearthed


Dead man tells no tale.

So it is that the truth seems to have disappeared with the body of Pravis Chanam all suggesting that there may be a conspiracy in the decision to dispose the body, even though the fact remains that an FIR had been lodged with Knowledge Park police station.

Definitely Pravis Chanam will not be back to tell his story, and this is all the more reason why the truth should be dug out.

And there are reasons to believe that there could have been a conspiracy if one takes into account the incidents after Pravish disappeared.

As per a statement issued by the North East Federation of International Solidarity, the young lad went missing on September 8 after he went to attend a musical concert at Knowledge Park with his friends.

Subsequently a missing person report was lodged with the Knowledge Park police station and it was only two days later that the police issued the missing person pamphlet.

A delay of 48 hours and the natural question that arises is, why the delay ?

Was it due to ineptness and lethargy of the police personnel or was there a design in the delay ?

NEFIS did not stop there but went on record to state that on the day that Pravish went missing, that is on September 8, an injured person, (presumably Pravish), was taken to Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital where he was given first aid.

It is not yet known whether Pravish was discharged or taken away, as per NEFIS which went on to state that the next day a call was received by the Police Control Room that an injured person has been found at Sector-30 Market of Noida.

The injured person, most probably Pravish, was taken to BR Ambedkar Hospital where he subsequently died.

This is the version of NEFIS, a version probably issued after gathering the details of the next few days after Pravish went missing on September 8.

What however is amply clear and is not the version of anybody is that the body of Pravish was disposed by Nithari Police Chowki on September 13 while a missing person report was already lodged with Knowledge Park police station.

This is where the dots do not join.

How can the body of an unclaimed corpse be disposed while one police station has already lodged a missing report.

How did this happen ? This is where Noida police and Uttar Pradesh Government need to crack the whip and see where the missing dots are.

It is also a matter of concern that so far the Government of Uttar Pradesh has not said a word or is it a case of silence being the better part of valour ?

Whatever the case may be, the matter here is about the life of an individual and nothing can be more important than the life of a human being.

It is also disconcerting to see that the Government of Manipur does not seem to have given the case the primacy it deserves.

Deputing an officer of the rank of Additional DG is fine but something more needs to be done at the political level.

Uttar Pradesh like Manipur is a BJP ruled State and it is here that the good office of the Chief Minister may be used to get in touch with the UP counter part.

Transferring a cop and suspending two or three of them in connection with the case is not enough for what is wanted here is the truth.

The unalloyed truth.

Source: The Sangai Express


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