Solar plants illuminate, offer source of income


Imphal, September 24 2017: Apart from lighting their own premises, Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants (GCRSPP) have succeeded in illuminating a whole locality while the balanced power is sold to the State .

This project is being implemented by MANIREDA under the sponsorship of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) where up to 75 per cent of the project cost is given as subsidy .

After successful installation of GCRSPP, the entire area located within the jurisdiction of Youth Guidance Club, Kongba Kshetri Leikai, Imphal East shines bright during night with multiple street lamps powered by GCRSPP .

The GCRSPP installed by Youth Guidance Club in collaboration with MANIREDA was inaugurated by Power Minister and local MLA Thongam Biswajit on September 17 .

Youth Guidance Club general secretary Longjam Sadananda said that the GCRSPP of 5 KW capacity has been powering around 80 LED bulbs thereby illuminating all the area located within the club’s jurisdiction .

Apart from lighting the club’s building, power generated by the solar power plant is used in operating TV, fans and even PA system .

Sadananda informed that solar plates for the plant have been installed on the roof of the local community hall .

Earlier, the club used to pay bills for lighting the local streets and the club used to spend Rs 1000 every 20 days in paying electricity bill .

The GCRSPP was installed after consultation with Power Minister Th Biswajit and the MANIREDA Director, Sadananda said .

Notably, the average life expectancy of GCRSPP is 25 years .

Saying that volunteers of the club have been taking care of the solar plant, Sadananda exuded confidence that balance power generated by the solar plant would be sold to the State and the club would be able to augment its fund .

MANIREDA Director Lourembam Manglem said that the project cost for the GCRSPP of 5 KW capacity is Rs 3,50,000.This includes Central subsidy of Rs 2,45,000 and State Capital subsidy of Rs 20,000.As such, the amount which should be paid by a local club or from MLA/MP Local Area Development Fund is just Rs 85,000 .

A local club which has installed such a power plant may earn up to Rs 20,000 in a year by selling balance power .

Registered non-profit organisations like local clubs, societies, NGOs, orphan homes, welfare homes, hospitals etc are eligible to apply for this project .

Interested individuals/institutes may visit and apply for the project, Manglem added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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