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Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

Talent is a free gift from God which is so easy to find out but we are surrounded by unsuccessful talented people. Hunting talent is just as easy as writing diary before sleeping but making the talent feed you is where the point lies. Life is not all about looking for what you love to do but having the courage for surviving with what you love to do. If what you love to do is not related with what you love to be, it will just take your time away. You love to sing and you want to be an astronaut, what you love to do will keep distracting you.
If you can’t trust somebody, you can’t trust anybody. You keep saying that you are taking advice from the ones you trust, you are not taking advice but gaining speeches to explain for you did nothing wrong when you fail and you want to bend the blame to the one whom you act like you trust.

Game of dreams is really dangerous for you can get drown in pain or float on pleasure, dreaming for realities which you never changed into reality will ignite the transformation for dreaming to depression. What curves you crazy sometimes is for what tickles you to laughter seriously, sometimes everything seems difficult for you and sometimes everything seems easy. Too much choices will ladders you to insanity but asking your heart to give you an answer before looking the options will cuddle you with warm smiles of big realistic hopes. Never look for what the next person does but ask for how happy he is in doing what he does. Money won’t take you to places but a simple honest answer from your heart about what you love to do in life will change your present and future.

Comparison should not be a tool to mark your growth but compassion towards your heartbeat for wanting to shine with your gift leaving fear behind. The neighbour living next door never likes you to grow for they mark their happiness by your sufferings, then why you keep giving importance to those who wants to emotionally murder you. And for someone to emotionally finish you off, all they need is your attention, if you give them that then you are contemplating suicide.

Who surrounds you is not important but who do you chose to surround yourself with is the most important thing. Because who surrounds you is beyond your capability for you might have landed up with a foolish roommate during your school days but whom do you make friends with was in your hand. You get 97% (including parents) of your life lessons from surroundings and 3% from teachers (approx), friends play the most important roles in your live, so choosing our covers are very important.

Life is seriously a pseudo business, your need to sharpen you talent all the time to get a good money when you sell it. And never be down when some people never wants to buy you, because gems are so useless in computer shops, all you need to do is sell yourself in the right place. Don’t mind when people bargains with you, it’s a never ending item called talent that you have, all you need to do is keep selling not sitting.

Being good is all about studying yourself but being famous all about studying people’s reactions. Being famous is all about you being a table talk for everyone in everywhere, and to let that happen all you have to do is convince your talent that it’s useful to everyone. And to convince, you need to be different, being different is not about doing different things but doing new things.

Not any likes a moth but all goes crazy for colourful butterflies, no one kills a moth but children plays with butterflies by catching them. Being ugly or good is safe but being famous is dangerous, all you need to do is stay away, the more you go away the more you will to be close to everyone’s hearts but the closer you come, the longevity of your story span erupts for there will be a lot who will play with you.

The story of your life is not about how you were or how you will be but how you are. It’s also not about how high you climb but how low you start, being poor is also an advantage sometimes. And stop giving a damn about others and start doing what matters to you not them.

(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam)

Source: The Sangai Express


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