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LPG bottling goes on in full swing

Imphal, October 11 2017: With the State’s biggest festival Ningol Chakkouba approaching fast, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been investing maximum efforts to ensure availability of LPG refills in sufficient numbers.

Since October 3, LPG bottling operation has been going uninterrupted at the Sekmai bottling plant, not sparing even Sunday, informed a source .

All bulk LPG TTs which arrived at the plant are unloaded promptly and LPG bottling is done to the maximum possible level so as to cope with the pending demands .

Till today, there are 268 MT of LPG at the bottling plant and this can cater to the State’s LPG requirements of over two days .

Meanwhile, 42 empty bulk TT left Imphal today with CRPF escorts and they are expected to come back to the plant within three days carrying bulk LPG .

It is not only about Ningol Chakkouba festival.

IOC has been working hard to redress the problem of LPG shortage and ensure that all LPG bookings are up to date or clear all backlog bookings by October 15 .

As a result of the IOC’s hectic efforts, LPG supply to distributors has been growing remarkably during the last three/four days .

Even though the situation has improved to some extent, there is still backlog of two/three months .

Meanwhile, Tamenglong ADC Executive Member TP Sangjeuying has asserted that majority of the consumers of Tousem Indane Gramin Vitrak are genuine inhabitants of Tousem areas .

Regarding the diversion of LPG cylinders to Imphal areas, there are genuine customers even in Imphal areas with valid identity proofs, said a press release issued by TP Sangjeuying .

On account of pathetic transport and communication network in Tousem area, LPG cylinders could not be transported to the respective godown at Tousem during rainy season.

The collapse of Barak Bridge between Tamenglong and Tousem added to the problem of transporting LPG cylinders .

Since the agency has stopped supplying LPG refills to consumers who have not yet submitted Aadhar numbers, some received only few refills as reported .

The SDO and other staff are not stationed at Tousem headquarters and Aadhar enrolment could not be done in most areas, said the ADC Member .

“As a representative of the area, I witness the problem faced by the agency in transporting and distributing LPG refills”, Sangjeuying added.

Source: The Sangai Express



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