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LPG situation healthier ahead of Chakkouba

Imphal, October 19 2017: LPG distributors of the State have been able to increase the supply of refill cylinders to the consumers owing to the aggressive effort by the State’s Consumers Affairs Food and Public Distribution (CAF and PD) Department and the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to reduce the shortage of cooking gas in light of the approaching Ningol Chakkouba festival .

However, around three months worth of LPG cylinder distribution are still backlog at most of the LPG distributors of the State .

The amount of LPG brought inside the State greatly increased in recent times due to increase in the number of LPG trucks operating in the State and priority given to the LPG bullet trucks from Manipur at various LPG loading points in the North East .

This led to an increase in the supply of LPG to the distributors by the gas bottling plant at Sekmai thus leading the gas distributors to increase the supply of LPG cylinder to the consumers in the past one month .

The IOC has been taking up steps to decrease the supply of LPG to the distributors of the hill districts and increasing the LPG supply to the valley distributors.

It has also been bringing in packed cylinder through Silchar and Dimapur .

According to the booking dates given by the LPG distributors in the valley who supplied LPG cylinders today, KK Indane Service, Misao Gas Service, Maibia Gas Moirang, Leibaklei Gas Kakching and Canchi Indane Service have around two and a half month backlog while RNH and Jemon Gas have around four months backlog .

On the other hand, the recent drive against sale of LPG refill cylinders in the black market has greatly reduced the availability of the same in the black market, even though the move has not been able to eliminate the problem .

The 14.2 kgs LPG refill cylinders are even now sold at Rs 1600 to Rs 1800 in the black market.

Source: The Sangai Express



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