MBBS student draws salary from Education-S for 5 years!


Imphal, October 28 2017: In a shocking turn of events, a male MBBS student of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) has been found simultaneously getting/ withdrawing monthly salary of being Primary Teacher under Education (s) Department, for the last 5 to 6 years.

According to a reliable source, the MBBS student was selected as an SSA primary teacher under Education (S), some few months after he enrolled for MBBS course at JNIMS and he has been unethically withdrawing/ getting the primary teacher’s salary all these years .

The student has been identified as Md Taj Mahammad s/o Md Dim Mahammad of Mayang Imphal Bengun .

The source further mentioned that the total amount of salary unethically withdrawn by Md Taj Mahammad might have reached around Rs 10 lakh and added that his appointment order has been cancelled with immediate effect and the ZEO, Zone-I has been ordered to recover all the amount withdrawn by him within a period of six months .

If the individual fails to return back the amount within the stipulated time, an FIR will be lodged and necessary legal actions will be taken up against him, the source added .

It was last year that the department started suspecting that Md Taj Mahammad might have been withdrawing salary as an SSA Primary Teacher while also being enrolled as a full time MBBS student at JNIMS.

Subsequently, the department launched an investigation into the matter .

Under the new Education Minister and the new Director, the investigation gained further traction and Md Taj Mahammad’s appointment as an SSA Primary Teacher dated September 25, 2012, was cancelled today .

Education (S) Director Th Kirankumar issued an order to this effect today and also directed ZEO Zone I to recover the amount withdraw by him within six months .

The source further stated that Md Taj Mahammad began attending regular class as an MBBS student at JNIMS from August 28, 2012.An MBBS course normally lasts five years and a half including one year internship.

He is still attending the course regularly as mentioned in the investigation report submitted by Dean (Academic) JNIMS to the Education (S) .

The source pointed out that the authority caught whiff of the fraud when Md Taj Mahammad was transferred from his original posting at Konthoujam Maning Tribal Primary School, Imphal West to another school .

Taj even attempted to object another teacher from taking his place at the original school and after the authority got wind of the situation, his salary was put on hold and as a result, he had not been able to take any more salary unethically, the source added.

It also stated that Md Taj Mahammad has been ordered to pay up the amount of salary he withdrew as an SSA primary teacher as he unethically collected his salary without taking any classes after he enrolled for MBBS course.

Source: The Sangai Express


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