Nagaland: ‘Colloquium on Road Connectivity’ under the theme ‘Together We Build


A ‘Colloquium on Road Connectivity’ under the theme ‘Together We Build’ is being organized by the Government of Nagaland on 10th of October at 10 A.M. at the State Banquet Hall, Kohima.

All elected members of Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA), Ex-Parliamentarians, AHODs/HODs of RD, DUDA, Planning Dept, Finance Dept and Police Dept (DGP), Establishments of APC, DCs of 11 districts, Naga Hoho, Eastern Nagaland Peoples Organisation (ENPO), Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Eastern Naga Students’ Federation (ENSF), Naga Mother’s Association (NMA), Eastern Nagaland Women Organisation (ENWO), Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC), Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (ACAUT), Nagaland GB Federation, All Tribal Hohos, Nagaland Govt. Registered Class-1 Contractors Union, CO (BRTF), GM (NHIDCL), ECI and Gayatri Pvt Ltd, Nagaland Contractors & Suppliers Union, Entrepreneurs Associates, Business Associates of Nagaland, Editors (Print and Electronic Media), YouthNet, Zynorique, and Naga Blog, Naga Spears, Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), Catholic Association Nagaland (CAN) and Nagaland Christian Revival Church Council (NCRCC) are cordially invited to attend the ‘Road Connectivity’ workshop.

This Press Release was sent by Mediacell CMO Nagaland, who can be contacted at mediacellcmonagaland(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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