Not entitled but getting healthy supply of 14.2 Kg refilled LPG


Imphal, October 05 2017: There are many LPG distributors in the valley, under the Indian Oil Corporation, who are reportedly supplying abnormal number of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinders to consumers who are unable or are not entitled to the subsidy provided by the Government.

Out of the 11 LPG distributors present in Imphal East district, Misao Gas Service and Manipur Gas Service (which have the largest number of LPG consumers in the district), were found supplying the highest number of 14.2 kg domestic refill cylinders to consumers who have not submitted Aadhaar cards and who are facing problems in getting subsidies .

Going through the IOC’s system, it was found that many LPG consumers who have failed to submit Aadhaar cards, were provided 7 to 10 domestic refill cylinders for the financial year 2017-18 .

Misao Gas Service, which has the highest number of LPG consumers in Imphal East district, was found providing nine domestic refill cylinders to two consumers, eight cylinders to 48 consumers and seven cylinders to around 60 consumers, besides others who have also got around six cylinders .

The LPG distributor with the second biggest consumer base, Manipur Gas Service, was found providing 10 cylinders to two consumers, nine cylinders to three consumers, eight cylinders to 15 consumers and seven LPG cylinders to 38 consumers .

All these consumers are those who have failed to get any subsidies.

Some of these problematic consumers are also getting around six LPG cylinders .

These consumers with Aadhaar problems, who are getting a large number of refill cylinders, are mentioned as invalid or inactive in the necessary documents .

However, the number of 14.2 kgs domestic refill cylinders provided to those consumers who have submitted their Aadhaar cards, linked it with their accounts and who are entitled to subsidies, is quite low for the year 2017-18 .

Other LPG distibutors of the district were found supplying proper number of refill cylinders to the consumers who have no Aadhaar problems and less numbers of the cylinders to those consumers with Aadhaar problems .

On the other hand, a source inside Sekmai Gas Bottling plant pointed out that 16 loaded LPG trucks reached the plant today and with it the LPG stock at the bottling plant is currently at 408 metric ton.

This stock can normally last for four days, the source added.

Source: The Sangai Express


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