NSCN(K) claims attack at ArP


Guwahati, October 10 2017: More than 40 Indian Army personnel suffered heavy casualties in a planned ambush by NSCN (K) in Niausa of Arunachal Pradesh today .

But Army’s Public Relations Officer (Defence) Guwahati and Shillong Lt Col Suneet Newton denied the report of the incident when contacted .

Talking to Times of Assam, NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP informed that the well planned ambush started at around 01:00 am and lasted till 9 am.

It is also reported that the ambush was launched by more than 70 leaders and cadres with heavy and light weaponry consisting of mortars, rockets, 40mm, grenades, machine guns, assorted automatic weapons, and explosives .

The NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP also claimed that more than 40 Indian Army personnel have been slain and an unspecified number injured.

He also claimed that their team has reached their safe place without any casualty .

Denying any such happening, Public Relations Officer (Defence) Lt Col Suneet Newton told Times of Assam that he hasn’t received any such information about the claimed encounter.

Lt Col Newton also said that there is no such official input from Indian Army to him yet.

Lt Col Newton also asserted that if such a thing had happened he would have been had some input.

Source: The Sangai Express


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