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School Headmaster accused of sexual assault

Imphal, October 01 2017: A 12 year old school-going girl from Hiyanglam Hiranmei, Kakching district has been allegedly sexually assaulted by her school founder cum Headmaster.

Mother of the child claimed today that the incident happened on September 20 last at Elangbam Sulochana Academy, Wabagai in Kakching district.

But the incident came to light only on September 24 when the victim girl and her younger sister who was also studying in the same class at the school narrated the ordeal to her mother .

Addressing media persons today at IPAK office at Keishampat, the mother alleged that the school’s founder cum headmaster Elangbam Sulendro (45) s/o E Memcha Devi of Hiyanglam Laiphangba in Kakching district committed the crime inside a class room of the school during lunch hour on September 20 .

She informed that her daughters disclosed about the crime on the evening of September 24 only after she beat her daughters when they refused to go to school for two/three consecutive days .

The children narrated that they were made to stand for hours inside a room used as kitchen in the school and threatened to soak in water on September 20 .

Later on the day, they were called inside a class room during lunch hour on the pretext of giving punishment for their inability to learn an assignment and showing poor academic performance constantly .

They were first made to kneel down on the bench by the Headmaster and later made the older sister to lie down in supine position.

Then the Headmaster pulled down her underwear and saw the private part, she alleged .

She also decried that the personnel of Hiyanglam Police Station had refused to accept an FIR lodged against the Headmaster when she along with womenfolk and locals went on to the police station on September 29 and 30 .

The police personnel instead asked them to negotiate internally with the school Headmaster without even informing media houses and Pradhan, the mother added .

When asked why did they went to the police station only on September 29 to lodge the FIR even when the incident was known on September 24, she replied that they tried to contact/meet the Headmaster several times during the intervening period to know about the truth of the incident .

The Headmaster threatened to take up legal actions against her by accusing her of trying to defame him and asked her whether she would be able to confront/face him .

He even told the locals and parents of the school children who asked him to go to the victim’s family and negotiate with the parents that he was defamed only to take money, she further alleged .

Meanwhile, secretary of the Women’s Welfare Association, Hiyanglam and volunteers of Youth Pioneer Association, Hiyanglam who also attended the press meet threatened that serious forms of agitation would be launched out if the accused is not booked and awarded befitting punishment within three days .

Stating that they no longer want the school run by the immoral Headmaster, they also asked the school authority to close the school permanently.

Source: The Sangai Express



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