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Social Welfare Minister spends time with Kangpokpi widows on Ningol Chakkouba

Kangpokpi, October 22 2017: On the occasion of Ningol-Chakkouba, yesterday, Social Welfare Minister, Nemcha Kipgen spent the day with widows of Kangpokpi district at Kangpokpi Christian Church, Kangpokpi DHQs .

The Minister was attending the valedictory function of the 1st Kangpokpi District Widows Welfare Society’s “Huhhingna Camp” at Kangpokpi Christian Church .

The Huhhingna Camp was organized under the theme, “See, if there is any idolatrous or evil way in me, then lead me on the eternal path” – Psalm 139:24 by Kangpokpi District Widows Welfare Society from October 18 .

Nemcha Kipgen said that death has separated the widow from her husband and burdened her with numerous challenges including emotional void, economic hardship, social hurdles etc but she nevertheless inspired the widows that God is always present for them.

She said that in general all widows are ostracized and burdened by the misfortune of having outlived her husband and are treated as physically alive but socially dead .

But the real change must come from within the society, and the first step would be a change of the fatalistic and superstitious mindset that abhors widows and deprives them of their right to live, she added .

While encouraging hundreds of widows participating in the camp, the Minister said that in some cultures, the death of a husband meant exile, vulnerability, and abuse but bereaved women are beginning to fight back and contribute immensely to the society and urged the widow community not to be disheartened rather to contribute to the welfare and development of the society .

Nemcha Kipgen, while citing the inspiring story of Renu, a National Awardee in Cooperative excellence, narrated that Renu established Renu Handloom & Handicraft Cooperative Society Limited at Imphal and employs many widows apart from giving education to the orphans .

She also said that there is a plan to open Handloom and Handicraft Cooperative Society Ltd branch in the three Assembly Constituencies of Kangpokpi district in an attempt to generate employment to the women, particularly widows and the destitute who are interested in weaving and handloom crafts .

The Minister also enlightened the widows about the Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS) under the Social Welfare Department and urged them to submit a list of widows who are eligible for the scheme .

She further encouraged the widows of Kangpokpi district to live in a morally acceptable way by completely dedicating to God’s service so that their condition can be transformed into a blessing to the community .

The Minister also said that if people see human beings as disposable entities then they have done the greatest disservice to the Gods, for God’s message is that the greatest worship is serving and loving humanity .

Source: The Sangai Express



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