State collective stand on Naga cause : Gaidon Kamei


Senapati, October 11 2017: United Naga Council (UNC) has urged Naga politicians in Manipur to shed differences and demonstrate their “collective position” towards the ‘Naga cause’.

Towards this end, a ‘One Day Conclave of Naga Autonomous District Council (ADC) Members’ with the theme Strengthening Naga Political Position was held at Thangal General Ecological Park, Mayangkhang in Senapati district on October 10, Tuesday .

Speaking on the occasion, UNC president Gaidon Kamei said that “it is time” for Naga politicians, Naga village chiefs, Church leaders, different Naga outfits and different organizations to exhibit “our collective position” regarding the Naga political issue .

He said that the peace talks are in “advanced stage and we cannot afford to lose this finest opportunity.” Gaidon Kamei also said “if we do not take a right decision at this crucial juncture we will not have future.” He said that the Nagas’ assertion for the settlement of the Naga issue is not a “privilege but our political right.”

ML Markson, Senapati ADC Chairman, Namsinrei Panmei, Tamenlong ADC Chairman, K Dickson, Ukhrul ADC Chairman, members of ADC from various districts, S Milan, general secretary of UNC and UNC executives, W Asha, president of Naga Women Union, NPO executives, ANSAM executives, tribe presidents, village chiefs and Church leaders attended the programme .

Speaking on the occasion, ML Markson said that though Naga ADC members hail from different political parties they will co-operate each other when it comes to the Naga political issue.

The ADC Chairman of Senapati rued that Naga politicians have been facing various difficulties.

However, he did not elaborate much on this.

ML Markson then alleged that empowering of ADCs has been denied by the State Government of Manipur right from the beginning.

The Senapati ADC Chairman also said that they are ready to vacate their positions for the Naga political solution if the need arises.

ML Markson then appealed UNC to continue “strengthening the movement” .

Namsinrei Panmei, Tamenglong ADC Chairman, expressed his gratitude to UNC for organising such a conclave and also for bringing all the Naga ADC members together.

“It is time to open our eyes and strengthen the political position leaving aside all the differences,” said Namsinrei Panmei.

He also said that ADC members should stand firmly “for the Naga solution at all cost” .

Source: The Sangai Express


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