The concept of Real Vs Virtual World


Varun Kapoor

A few years ago we all existed in one world – that world which may be called the “Real World” or the “Actual World”. A world in which we can see each other, feel, touch, interact, understand and perceive each other too. We have the ability to know how the person we are interacting with is – we may be wrong but at least we have the opportunity to judge – that is because we are physically present in front of each other and interact with each other. We even have the opportunity and ability to perceive what is going on in the other persons mind – what the other person is thinking – whether there are negative or positive perceptions and vibes. However another important principle of life is that – “basis of all development, progress & happiness is security”.

Thus if one has to be secure the first and the greatest responsibility is of the individual him/herself. After this comes the family, the community, the police or the government. As a result we all make all possible efforts to remain safe – when we go out of the hose we lock the house; when we cross the road we look left then look right and then cross; if we drive a vehicle we first acquaint ourselves regarding the law the get a driving license and practice and learn to drive before we take to the road. The examples of our efforts in the real world to remain safe and secure are numerous and countless. But still mistakes occurs and incidents of crime take place with disconcerting regularity. Still there are accidents – still there are thefts and burglaries.

So despite our own efforts – forget what the family, society, police, government etc are doing – criminal incidents take place and cause great distress and loss to the citizens in the REAL WORLD.

Greater difficulty is arising today, as we all now do not only live in one world – BUT IN TWO WORLDS. This other world is called a “Virtual World”. The time spent by us in this virtual world is by no stretch of imagination limited – youth and children are spending even greater time their parents in this virtual or imaginary world. And this time will only increase. Out of 24 hours in a day – the productive time of any individual is around 12 hours (if we leave out physical activities like sleeping, eating, travelling etc). As this world does not present itself in front of us in a physical form, people start believing and behaving in this world as if it does not exist and is only in the realms of imagination. They pay no attention to knowing the rules, regulations and laws that govern this world and neither do they take any overt security measures for their protection.

They actually perceive that as this world does not physically exist in front of them they can come to no harm and do as they wish and behave and participate with total abandon and disregard important security procedures. This is a self defeating and reckless attitude which is resulting in a steep increase in cyber crimes and other technologically driven crimes. It is time that the citizens start considering the importance of secure behavior in the cyber space as well.

This will be a prerequisite to safety for themselves and their loved ones in this so called “virtual space” which may not physically exist but is more threatening than the real world and will bite reckless behavior harder than any such behavior in the real world.

Source: The Sangai Express


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