Three Senapati youths participate in 19th World Festival of Youth


Senapati, October 22 2017: The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, which is currently held at Sochi, Russia witnessed around 25,000 students and youth leaders from across 150 countries .

From among these participants, Mathibo Athikho, Losii Kaisa and Dr Caroline Maninee Ariina, all from Senapati district, Manipur, are also taking part in the festival .

Dr Caroline Maninee is heading the Indian delegates from BRICS International (90 delegates) to this festival .

The Third BRICS and SCO Youth Forum was inaugurated, today, at the festival .

At the inauguration event, leaders from the civil society organisations of BRICS and SCO, academicians, diplomats, practitioners addressed the participants.

During the working sessions, speakers elaborately discussed the various youth problems and the joint projects for youth development .

Dr Caroline Maninee from Manipur, who is heading the Indian delegations from BRICS International Forum spoke on “Public diplomacy, growth of youth media in space of BRICS and SCO” .

She first congratulated India and Pakistan for becoming full-member States in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in June this year in Astana Kazakhstan .

She highlighted the progress of the earlier BRICS and SCO Youth Summit and how today , the Forum is able to fully facilitate international youth festivals, conferences and forums .

She also spoke on public diplomacy and the importance of engagements between youths of different countries and the necessity to encourage the youth to contribute to the development of youth cooperation .

Acknowledging the excellent coverage of the festival by the organizers of World Festivals of Youth and Students, she shared how the perceptions of different countries are changing from negative to positive views.

She gave an example about her interaction with her new friend from Pakistan .

Both of them had negative views about each other’s country initially but when they met and exchanged videos, they began getting a positive perspective of each other’s country .

Thus, she encouraged the audience to build friendship and learn about people from different cultures and regions.

She concluded her speech by narrating what Nick Vujicic shared earlier .

“We don’t know how much time we have on this planet.

So how do you want to be remembered? One can be successful, beautiful or handsome but if one is not kind, than it doesn’t matter.

Be Kind and love one another,” she said.

Source:  The Sangai Express


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