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Tripartite talks should not negate interests of other communities : Kuki Chiefs ; ‘Do not roll back districts creation on the demand of one community’

Kangpokpi, October 05 2017: Kuki chiefs across the State held a consultation meeting today at Imphal under the aegis of Kuki Inpi in connection with the prevailing political and land issues and resolved that the scheduled tripartite talks between the State Government, Central Government and UNC should not infringe on the interest of other communities.

The tripartite talks is scheduled to be held tomorrow at Senapati district headquarters .

The Kuki chiefs resolved that any solution arrived at the tripartite talks over the creation of seven new districts in Manipur should not in any way negate the interest and sentiments of other communities .

Altogether, more than 230 Kuki chiefs across Manipur attended the consultation meeting at Kuki Inn, Imphal .

The Kuki chiefs have been observing the tripartite talks revolving around the demand of the UNC to roll back the district creation decision with keen interest and any decision to roll back the district creation on the demand of a particular community would not be a wise decision, the meeting resolved .

The tripartite talks may be an initiative for finding a solution but at the same time its decision could also have an adverse effect on peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding among the different communities in the State, observed the Kuki chiefs .

The Government must understand that the hill areas of Manipur are not inhabited by the Nagas alone.

The Kukis which make up the second most populous community in the State with the largest share of landholding also inhabit the land .

It also wondered as to why the Government is so keen on holding talks with a group like UNC which was directly responsible for the quit notice served to Kuki villages in 1992.The fact that the quit notice had led to the murder of more than 900 Kukis; 360 villages being uprooted and its land seized; and about 1,00,000 Kukis being rendered refugees in their own land, should not be forgotten .

It further said that as the tripartite talks involve matter of land, there is the need to consult all the communities.

If the Government feigns ignorance of this fact, it will be committing a big blunder.

The Kuki chiefs also resolved to oppose tooth and nail any design to compromise on the question of land without the participation of all the stakeholders and asked the Central and the State Government to accommodate the sentiments of all communities of the land.

The UNC alone cannot negotiate over land in the State, as every community has a stake in it.

It also said that the decision of the tripartite talks on districts creation, which involve only one community of the State, cannot be imposed on the Kukis while cautioning that whatever decision arrived at in the tripartite talks should not negate the interests and sentiments of other communities.

Source: The Sangai Express



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