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Unfit PMGSY road : Patient carried on stretcher for 45 kms

Ukhrul, October 27 2017: It took more than 24 hours to cover a distance of 80 or 90 kms from Khayang village to Ukhrul district headquarters but what made the marathon hours to travel 80 or 90 kms is the fact that for about 45 kms a sick man had to be carried on a locally made stretcher, as the PMGSY road from Khayang village to Roni village is practically unmotorable.

Khayang village is situated near Chassad on the Indo-Myanmar border and with the PMGSY road not fit for motor vehicles, the ailing man had to be carried on a stretcher for 45 kms till Roni village from where a vehicle finally took them to Ukhrul district headquarters .

The said PMGSY road connects Khayang with Chammu village which has a dispensary .

The sick man, HA Wungnaoshang of Awontang, Ukhrul works as a teacher in a private school at Khayang village and was admitted to Ukhrul district hospital last night after the gruelling journey.

According to the CMO of Ukhrul, Wungnaoshang was admitted at the hospital with high fever and added that the patient who is under medical investigation could be suffering from typhoid.

According to the family members and villagers of Khayang village who escorted him up to Ukhrul, he had been suffering from fever for the past two weeks .

Apart from the unmotorable PMGSY road, the patient had to pass through Chammu, Hamlang, Zingsui, Mapum and Shirui before reaching the hospital at Ukhrul .

Unfit and unmotorable road in the interior parts of the district has been the bane and there have been such cases earlier too when the sick and ailing had to be carried on stretchers before they come to the stretch of the road where it becomes motorable.

Source: The Sangai Express



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