Unseen by Govt, Sangaikot area cry for relief


CCpur, October 06 2017: Several villagers who have endured a lot of hardship during the recent downpour have cried out for relief saying even faint voices of comfort from their representatives and the Government would have reassured them even as a health camp on the request of KSO Sangaikot has been conducted at T Laloiphai High School.

The KSO Saingaikot told a visiting media team that the flood which hit Sangaikot area in the latter part of September has polluted many of their water sources exposing the people to diseases.

The air is still today heavy with putrid smell .

On the request of the villagers, a medical team from Saikot PHC conducted a free medical camp at Laloiphai High School today.

Nearly 400 students drawn from several villages in the vicinity have been examined and free medicine has been provided to them .

The downpour has washed away many of the standing crops and also landslides cutting off at least two villages forcing 14 families to shift .

At Makhao area landslide has cut off Zalenkot village and mudslide in the village have damaged about 8 houses.

While the families with the help of others have erected a temporary shed away from the landslide area their sufferings are far from over as they have to reach out to the outside world in an improvised bamboo dinghy through the Imphal River (Guun River) .

The fate of L Phainom Village in the same area was no different as landslide has hit at least 14 houses of which 6 are said to have been destroyed beyond repair .

One Seithang Khongsai while relating their sufferings and the subsequent lack of response from the Government said that it is time the Government to reflect and stop acting deaf and dumb when the most neglected parts of the State are suffering not less than those areas which have got enough publicity .

He also lamented the inaction of their representatives saying that those who fail to see the sufferings of their people should in future refrain from seeking public favour to get elected.

Source: The Sangai Express


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