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Worn-out roads adorn CCpur

CCpur, Oct 18: The numerous roads dotting Churachandpur town area as well as those connecting it with the interior areas have been largely worn-out over the years, even as the public keep counting on the BJP Government to improve the situation.

About five stretches of the most crucial streets located in the heart of town have been mended recently but the exercise was not without criticism on its quality. The main highways namely Tiddim Road, Tipaimukh Road and Sugnu Road have been worn out with the last two roads particularly in bad shape. Marks of asphalt or bitumen have been missing on most part of the two road surfaces within the town area for nearly a decade now.

The previous Government had deployed machines for the first time to lay bitumen on Tiddim Road but the stretches of Tipaimukh within the town which is under BRO and the Chura-Sugnu State highway is yet to witness any full scale restoration exercise for the past decade or so.

The machine-laid Tiddim Road has also worn out, dotted with potholes while the other two roads have well gone past the pot-holes period.

The incumbent Chief Minister himself had during his visits to the district, witnessed the actual condition as he was seen leaping and manoeuvring his way towards the traditional dancers who greeted him on his latest visit, due to the clogged mud and water on the road.
As the roads, except for the few stretches of Tiddim Road that still have the bitumen intact, the roads from localities to major thoroughfares are worse than bad. Some villagers have decided to repair the portions within their village but they usually are short live as all they could do was fill the roads with bricks and pebbles.

Social worker and ADC member CT Lian had last week, made an appeal to the public through various social networking sites to raise funds for constructing a much needed culvert which he said will prevent the frequent inundation of a particular stretch of Tiddim Road whenever the area witnesses any considerable downpour.

He while pleading openly for public contribution said he had set aside Rs 10,000 to start the campaign which any willing public may augment to take the minor but far reaching initiatives instead of waiting for the Government for years.

‘There are many things which any citizen can do to improve public infrastructure, including roads, by sacrificing a small portion of their resources, instead of depending solely on the Government for all things,’ he said.

The activities of laying communication cables and water pipelines have also taken a considerable toll on the roads as none have bothered to restore the damages they have caused. Conditions for such activities are believed to have been in existence, but some concerned citizens who have taken up the case some months back have reportedly expressed their annoyance on the involvement of authoritative agencies. That exactly is why this paper has refrained from obtaining official comments and instead go for narrating the ground reality, as it may never happen, otherwise.

Source: The Sangai Express



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