3rd Sangai International Film Festival to be held from Nov 25


Imphal Nov 18,2017: As a part of Sangai festival, 3rd Sangai International Film Festival is scheduled to be held from November 25 to 29 at Manipur State Film Development Society (MSFDS).

The film festival is being organised jointly by MSFDS and Film Forum Manipur said the secretary MSFDS Dr. Nabachandra Singh in a press meet held at office of MSFDS yesterday.

The organising committee decided to screen selected Manipur features and non-features films along with five feature films from abroad. This is aimed to give our young talented film makers the opportunity to learn something from these movies, said H. Nabachandra.

“We also planned to display all the old shooting equipment in vogue many years back. Apart from that ethnic food court is also going to open inside the campus of MSFDS,” he added.

Commissioner of Art and Culture M. Lakshmiskanta Singh who also spoke at the function, lamented the decline in cinemagoers, in spite the state of producing many Manipur films in a year.

“We cannot only consider film as a medium to promote culture and tradition and social issues. It is also a big industry where we can earn huge money. But unfortunately people hardly go to theatre for watching movie these days,” the commissioner said.

“The present generation in Manipur are missing the opportunity to feel the comfort of watching a movie in a proper theatre as once upon a time the case.  All of us have a great role to play in the restoration and the revival of this culture”, he added

On the inaugural day of 3rd Sangai International Film Festival, a movie directed by Samira Makhmalbaf’s “Two Legged Horse” will be screened. From the following day till November 29, four different movies will be screened in different time slots.

The programme of 3rd international film festival will also expand to other location where Sangai Festival is being conducted said well-known Manipuri film actor S. Mangoljao.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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