Agenda of Govt spelt out at DBC, Maram : Right venue, right place


Vision and sole objective of the State Government is to bring positive change and development in the State and to bridge the communication gap between various communities so as to bring emotional integration in the State.

This was Chief Minister N Biren and the significance of this address lies in the fact that it was not delivered at a political rally or a public meeting but at Don Bosco College, Maram, one of the finest educational institutions in the State.

How well the proclamation of the Chief Minister would have gone down with the young students and the faculty of the college remains to be seen but it is important that such a message has been be delivered at the doorsteps of students of a premier academic institute.

Given the wide media coverage to the visit of the Chief Minister to the institute, many people must have gone through what he had to say at the college and here it is important to note that N Biren headlined his address with a call to understand each other and what the Government plans to do to bridge the gap, communication or otherwise, between the people of the hills and the valley.

Somewhat a political speech at an educational institute one may say, but there can be no better place where young students study to spell out the agenda of the Government.

Hope the points in the address of the Chief Minister do not run off like water off the back of a duck.

There are reasons why The Sangai Express feels that Don Bosco College, Maram was the right venue for the Chief Minister to say all that he did, for it is not every college which can go to the top level in just a matter of few years.

Set up in the year 2000 and within the short span of 7 years the institute has managed to match some of the fancier institutes based in Imphal and this is saying a lot, given the state of education in the hills.

It was not for nothing why the National Assessment Accreditation Council of India awarded this institute with 3.35 CGPA points in 2015 to make it the premier college in Manipur and the second in the North East.

Again there must be a reason why the University Grants Commission has given it the tag “College with Potential for Excellence”.

It is not only the points from the NAAC and the tagline given by the UGC that underlines this institute but also the fact that here is an educational institute which is left undisturbed by the numerous social and political issues besetting the State.

As the Principal of this college put it some years back, 80 percent attendance of the students is compulsory and this should more than underline the point that no bandhs or strikes affect this centre of learning.

Something which institutes based in Imphal and other parts of the State cannot lay claim to.

It is in line with the position it has earned itself that the Chief Minister announced that Rs 1.5 Crore has been earmarked as grant-in-aid for the college and out of this Rs 25 lakh has already been given.

Moreover the Chief Minister added that a proposal of Rs 6/7 crore would be sent to the North Eastern Council for the construction of a library and Science laboratory of the college.

All positive indications and these are points that may be learnt from this institute for the other institutes based in Imphal.

Source: The Sangai Express


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