Amur Falcons start arriving


Imphal, November 05 2017: If winter comes, Amur Falcons cannot be far behind and as they do every year, thousands of these migratory birds, from Siberia and Mongolia, have started arriving and making the banks of the River Barak in Tamenglong their seasonal home this year, according to reports from the State Forest Department .

The Forest Department is also getting ready to tag four of these birds with radio transmitters, said the officials, who added the birds in large numbers have spread their home grounds from earlier known locations.

They said that nowadays these birds are seen in droves in places including, among others, Tamei, Zeilad, Azuram and Eleng.

The officials are working for the well being of the winter guests that come once a year and they say they have also tied up with a few NGOs to create more awareness.

In Valok village which has been rechristened as the Amur Falcon village by the State Govt, there will also be an Amur Falcon Festival on November 6, said the officials .

Dr R Suresh Kumar, a scientist with the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun have also reached Imphal and headed towards Tamenglong, continued the officials and said the radio transmitters are meant for studying the migratory routes of Amur Falcons.

However, the officials said actual tagging of radio transmitters will start next year.

Source: The Sangai Express


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