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DFO Thoubal swings into action; bans sand mining at Thoubal River

Thoubal, November 20 2017: Showing serious concerns to the degradation of the Thoubal River as well as its environment, a team of state police and Forest department officials led District Forest Officer (DFO) RK Amarjit today paid surprise visit at Moirang Purel and Itham area under Andro Assembly constituency where sand mining are being underway at mass scale.

During the inspection visit the government official saw illegal excavation of soil from nearby hills of the area and dump it at Thoubal River for extraction of red sand.

As the mining of sand not only endangered the forest area of the surroundings but also degrades the condition of the Thoubal River, the District Forest Officer put immediate ban on the sand mining as well as excavation at hills of the surroundings.

The DFO also orders ban transportation of red sand in Thoubal and Kakching district with immediate effect from today.

Speaking to reporters at the inspection site DFO RK Amarjit seeks support from the general public to the initiative of the Forest Department.

Source: Imphal Times



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