For every causes, there is a reason


Some are done with perfect planing as per requirement, while some are done for short term measures to run the society.

Well this is about a news report appeared here in this newspapers regarding the dumping of garbage at Lamphelpat.

Locals of the area were not happy the way authority of the Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) allowing to dump garbage at Lamphelpat.

As per grievances of the locals this newspaper have question the reason for dumping the garbage at the site, when the Chief Minister of Manipur had already promised about the need for protection of the wetland in valley area.

On the other hand we in the Imphal Times had also questioned on why the garbage collected from Imphal city had to be dumped at the place, which is also closed to AYUSH hospital when the government of Manipur had already established Solid Waste Management plant at Lamdeng in Imphal West.

The way the garbage are disposed is hazardous to health notwithstanding the fact that it will also sabotage the effort of the state government in protecting the Wetland of the state.

Well, not everything can be blamed to the IMC for the act.

On further findings it is learnt that the site where the garbage are being dumped have been granted to Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association as site for grazing of the Pony.

However, as the said land alloted for protection of the Pony need to be filled for the convenience of the Pony.

As filling of the low lying land would amount huge financial involvement, the association approached the IMC officials and requested to dump the garbage at the site so that it can be covered with filtered earth.

This will relieve the association in making the Pony protection site with less financial involvement.

This means that it will be only for some months that the people of the area have to face the discomfort.

However, the people there have every rights to stay healthy and the authority needs to make sure that the kind of works (dumping garbage) do not affect the health of the people of the area.

This is not the fault of the IMC, as they are only following what an association working for protection of Pony had requested for.

On the matter of garbage being pile up at various localities including Keishamthong Ahanthem Leikai and Elangbam Leikai, it has been learnt that, due to interference from the Local Councillors.

The matter about garbage being pile up at Keishamthong Ahanthem Leikai as well as at the Nambul River bank of Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, was comes up after a concern citizen uploaded a picture showing the filt on social media Face Book.

After series of criticism from various corner the IMC authority sent a truck and collected the garbage.

But has the IMC have to wait all the time for cleaning of the garbage in other localities particularly at Keishamthong Ahanthem Leikai and Elangbam Leikai.

Well Imphal Times learnt that IMC councilor of each area is provided a small van to collect garbage from their locality.

As these concillors want to utilise their van on their own they have personally put objection to any plan of the IMC to collect the garbage using some other firm.

When a person at grassroots fails to understand the problem of the IMC, it is them that people blame. It is time we change or attitude.

Source: Imphal Times


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