GoI-NSCN (M) talks : CPI smells Supra State model


Imphal, November 02 2017: Large sections of people in Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, according to CPI Manipur State Council, have strong apprehension that the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM to work out a solution to the protracted dialogue going on between the two sides may have conceptualised an exclusive administrative body like a supra State body for the Nagas inhabiting the three States even though their existing territorial boundaries are not disturbed.

Speaking to media persons at Irabot Bhavan here today, CPI deputy secretary L Sotinkumar remarked that people of Manipur still have a sore feeling against BJP for what they did to challenge the integrity of the State in the past even though the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister repeatedly assured that the Framework Agreement contains nothing which may affect the territorial integrity of Manipur .

There have been sporadic protest movements in Manipur since the BJP-led NDA Government signed the Framework Agreement with NSCN-IM on August 3, 2015 .

Hailing Chief Minister N Biren for convening an all political parties meeting which reaffirmed the State’s commitment to integrity, Sotinkumar expressed strong suspicion that the Central Government raked up the issue of the three States’ territorial integrity with a motive to marginalise certain critical issues of the country .

People have deep apprehension that Nagas may be given greater financial and cultural autonomy within Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh while keeping the States’ territorial boundaries intact .

Sotinkumar went on to ask how would the Government of India cope if the Kukis and Meiteis demand separate political rule in response to New Delhi’s policy of appeasing NSCN-IM .

The challenge to the State’s territorial integrity is rooted in the Indian social system which is characterised by multiple layers of social divisions, he alleged .

He also expressed keen desire that Manipur is given full autonomy so that it can neutralise all challenges to its territorial integrity .

Granting greater autonomy to the State Government as well as local bodies can certainly remove hill-valley differences in addition to erasing all communal and separatist tendencies.

Source: The Sangai Express


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