Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery


Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery, one of the muslim graves cemetery in Manipur State which lies 10 km from the airport on the far side of Imphal City can be reach by following the Sanjenthong road for about 1.5 km, then taking the New Checkon road for another 1.5 km before approaching National Highway-39 and about 50 metres from the highway on the right side of Masjid Road, Hafiz Hafta, the cemetery is at the end of this road.

Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery started during the fighting of WW2 and later, Muslim graves were brought in from a number of small civil cemeteries in the district. The graves are mostly those of Muslim soldiers of the army of undivided India, but a small number of East and West African soldiers who were Muslims are also buried here.

The cemetery now contains 828 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War out of which 626 are known soldiers while the rest remained unknown till date.

At the southern end of the cemetery stands the Imphal Cremation Memorial which commemorates the 868 Hindu and Sikh soldiers and airmen killed in the battle for Imphal whose remains were cremated in accordance with their faith.

There are one VC, one MC, one MM and one IOM commemorated in the Imphal Indian War Cemetery.

The only VC, named Abdul Hafiz, is interned in Pilot number 3 and his grave lies at the series of Q 2.


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