Jabir Khan eyes Guinness world record


Thoubal, November 05 2017: In a rare show of skill and strength, one Md Jabir Khan (24) s/o (L) Haji Salaoddin, pulled an Alto car and Gypsy car over a distance, with nothing but his teeth.

Jabir Khan today puled an Alto car using only his teeth in front of Lilong police station.

He further amazed the onlookers by tying a Gypsy car behind the Alto and pulling both the cars with his teeth again .

Speaking to media persons, Jabir Khan said that he accidentally found out about his teeth’s strength some months earlier when he was trying to peel a coconut .

He recalled that finding no suitable tools to aid in removing the thick coconut outer skin, he tried to peel it with his teeth and to his amazement, he easily peeled the coconut without any effort .

He said that he has peeled more than 10 coconuts in this fashion and added that once, he uploaded a video of him peeling a coconut with his teeth on social media platform Facebook, and the video quickly received around 7000 likes which motivated him to hone his strength and skill .

Jabir Khan said that he began to train by lifting bicycles with his teeth .

When one of his friends suggested him to try and pull a car using his teeth he immediately though that it was a good idea and as such he attempted to pull a car with his teeth, which turned out to be an easy feat for him .

He was motivated to try and pull two cars, a feat which he successfully carried out today .

Speaking to media persons, Jabir Khan said that he has never taken any paan or paan masala, which may affect his teeth and added that based on the saying by elders, he regularly eats Soibum or fermented bamboo shoots, as many as three times a week .

He also said that he aims to attempt for a Guinness World Record .

It may be mentioned that the Alto car which Jabir Kahn pulled with his teeth, weigh around 802 kgs while the Gypsy weigh around 1020 kgs .

In total, he pulled a staggering mass weighing around 1822 kgs .

He is also the secretary of Lilong Khunou Anti Drug Association .

His videos can be viewed the Youtube channel, Ermadam Vlogs.

Source: The Sangai Express


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