Massive rally marks BJP sponsored Anti-Black Money Day


Imphal, November 09 2017: Hundreds of BJP supporters turned out on the streets today to join a rally organized by BJP, Manipur State Unit as a part of the ongoing mass awareness programme against black money.

The rally was flagged off by Works Minister Thongam Biswajit from Iboyaima Shumang Lila Shanglen, Palace Compound and it concluded at BJP, Manipur State Unit’s office at Nityaipat Chuthek.

It passed through Thumbuthong, Moirangkhom, Keishamthong and Keishampat Bridge .

Rajya Sabha MP Kshetrimayum Bhabananda, BJP leader Dr RK Ranjan and BJP MLAs including Soibam Subhashchandra Singh, Leishangthem Susin-dro, Lourembam Rame- shwor Meetei, Nahakpam Indrajit, Thokchom Satya-brata Singh and Heikham Dingo Singh led the rally which was also participated by members of various BJP wings .

Later, a meeting was held at the party’s head office where Biswajit and Bhabananda spoke at length about black money and its negative impacts on the country’s economy .

Biswajit claimed that demonetization was successfully done on November 8, last year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after it was repeatedly deferred by the Congress Governments led by Indira Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh during their tenures .

Stating that Narendra Modi had even set up SIT to investigate and trace black money in the country prior to demonetization, he alleged that the Congress did not take up any significant initiative during their time and they have been opposing such initiatives, including demonetization due to fear of unearthing the black money and illegal assets they possessed .

He remarked that the Congress Government is a “Government of scams, for the scams and by the scams” telling scams like 2G Scam, Coalgate Scam and Wasteland Scam occurred during the party’s rule .

In Manipur too, Loktak Scam, MDS Scam and CCTV Scam among many occurred during the time of Congress Government .

Congress Governments at the Centre and the State looted the country as well as the State, Biswajit said while asserting that Narendra Modi had taken up a bold step to unearth black money and curb corruption in the country .

Observing that any initiative taken up for the welfare of the public by any political party should not be opposed with ulterior motive of taking undue political advantage, the Minister accused the political parties opposing demo- netization and GST of misleading public with false propaganda with a sinister design to discredit the BJP-led Governments of the Centre and the State .

He opined that the advantages of demonetization is far more than its disadvantages while pointing out that loss of some time and expending a fraction of budget for printing the new 2000 and 500 notes are the only disadvantages created by demonetization .

However, demonetization has brought many advantages, including deflation on the prices of gold and land property, unearthing black money, raising the number of tax payers and bringing accountability in banking services and enriching the exchequer .

With its exchequer enriched, the Government is able to utilize more money in various welfare schemes and as such NABARD granted loans of Rs 20 crore to the public and waived two months’ interest of loans given to farmers .

Moreover, the budget granted for building houses under PMGAY has been increased by 33 per cent from the previous amount while the amounts given under MUDRA scheme has increased twice and the amount given to pregnant women under Janani Suraksha Yojana has reached Rs 6000, Biswajit informed.

Maintaining that public need to think twice on demonetization before they believe the propaganda that demonetization gives hardships, the Minister conveyed that BJP’s ideology is to serve each and every citizen of the country .

He also informed that a South Korean company has offered to invest Rs 100 Crore in the State for a scheme besides while a Swedish company made a proposal to establish a cement factory in the State .

Noting that GST was launched with “one tax for one nation” objective, he remarked it gives benefits to consumers, retailers/sellers and manufacturers .

Exuding confidence that Manipur will too benefit from GST implementation, Biswajit said that the State’s economy would see significant growth from the State’s GST revenue and its share from integrated GST collection of the Centre.

Source: The Sangai Express


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