MPCB wakes up to hazards of dusts kicked up from roads


Imphal, November 07 2017: Due to abject failure of the State Government in terms of maintenance, most roads in the State have worn out to the extreme thereby posing serious threats of accidents and air pollution .

Taking serious note of the heath hazards posed by thick columns of dust churned out by each vehicle on the worn out roads and waste materials slipping out from waste disposal trucks, the Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) would be writing to all relevant departments to take up necessary action .

Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) has a vacuum cleaner vehicle to sweep and mope roads but it is seldom used .

People see IMC workers sweeping important roads of Imphal city in the morning and evening.

But there are many areas within the city itself where the sweepers do not reach.

Many citizens have been asking as to why the vacuum cleaner vehicle is not pressed into service at these places .

They further questioned what is the point in purchasing a costly vacuum cleaner vehicle if it is to be kept idle throughout the year .

With the State Government unable to look into many of the dilapidated roads in and around Imphal city, potholes are galore on these roads thereby posing serious threats to the safety of commuters .

Even though beautification works have started in and around Imphal city keeping in view the Manipur Sangai Festival, people living along dilapidated and unrepaired sections of roads have been encountering a nightmarish experience every single day .

There are still many roads which have not been black topped after WBM stage has been completed.

People travelling along these roads, particularly two-wheeler riders need to change their clothes soon after crossing these roads .

Unable to remain silent in the face of such horrible situation, MPCB has initiated due process to write to all departments particularly PWD, Health Department and IMC to take necessary remedial measures at the earliest, informed a source .

Potholes have been slowing down all types of vehicles which otherwise should be travelling at optimum speed.

Undue slow speed implies effusion of additional volumes of smoke which only multiplies probability of air pollution .

Officially, all polythene bags which are thinner than 50 microns are banned in the State.

Despite the ban, polythene bags of even 20 microns are widely used in the State.

Moreover, majority of the people have the very unhealthy habit of disposing plastic water bottles and plastic packets into drains, rivers and roads and other public places .

As these materials are not easily degradable, they are acting as major agents of air pollution, land pollution and water pollution .

However, MPCB’s role is limited to monitoring health hazards caused by different forms of pollution.

It is the concerned and relevant departments which should take up remedial measures .

MPCB has its roles in ensuring adherence to safety norms and securing necessary environmental clearances when a project is taken up.

However, if departments do not pay heed to MPCB, it is helpless, said the source .

Biomedical wastes discharged from hospitals are also one major health issue.

With the growth in population, the volume of garbage and waste materials would increase correspondingly .

The larger the volume of waste materials, the greater is the need for proper disposal, and this task demands departments to take their due responsibilities, said the source .

At the same time, citizens too need to cultivate a good sense of disposing waste materials at proper places, added the source.

Source: The Sangai Express


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