Nagaland: Prayer Day at Nagaland Baptist Churches Council


Kohima, Nov 18: Along with members of the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council (NBCC), Nagaland Legislators today observed a Prayer Day here at State Banquet Hall, seeking God’s guidance for leaders and permanent peace in the state.

The service led by State Chaplain Rev.Kuzierang Thou was well-attended by legislators and members from various prayer groups.

During the sharing hour, Chief Minister TR Zeliang appealed to the large congregation to pray for Nagaland which has been confronted with many challenges and in need of great change. The chief minister said, “To eradicate the vices of corruption which is deep-rooted in our system, the government needs the support from all sections of the society. We all talk about evils of corruption and want corruption-free state but nobody seems to be serious on the ground. We talk about clean election but evil practice persists. Change has to come from everyone. Government alone cannot do. There should be a code of conduct to be agreed upon by all politicians. If Mizoram can have a clean election, why can’t Nagaland?”.

On Naga political issue he said, “All Nagas pray for political solution but don’t come out with concrete resolution. We talk about peace in the state but nobody seems working seriously for peace. I personally believe there should be a starting point. And that has to be from the top. My government is serious and relentlessly pursuing for permanent peace.”

“I also suggest the NBCC to play its important role and invite tribal Hohos and NNPGs to come together to resolve Naga political issue. Situation has changed today and it’s time to talk. This is God-given opportunity for us to come together for solution. Let us not miss it.”

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