Ningol Chakkouba celebrated by AMAND, Pune


The Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND) Pune, which is a non-profit, non-
government community organization founded by working/ retired Manipuri

professionals residing in and around Pune, organized the unique aged old traditional
Ningol Chakkouba with its firm objective to foster the spirit of unity, harmony and
goodwill amongst the brothers & sisters on Sunday, the 5th November 2017 at the Residence of Gen L N Singh, VSM**, Wanowrie, Pune near MITSD Pune.

This festival not only signifies but also strengthens the bond of love & affection
amongst brothers and sisters, parents and daughters and friends. Approximately 500
Manipuris comprising of around 110 mous (married ladies), 100 leisabis (single ladies)
and others attended the program with great enthusiasm. Manipuri families of different
communities from Pune city & surrounding cities like Mumbai, Kolhapur, Daman, etc.
also attended the function. This will also help in promoting the co-existence and social
bonding by reaffirming the faith in traditional values of love and protection of people of
Manipur in Pune irrespective of caste and creed. The Ningols came with ‘athenpot’ on
their best Manipuri traditional attire. Everyone rejoiced the gathering and appreciated
the fun filled event to this ‘home far away from home’.

AMAND, Pune organized this event with delicious mega feast prepared by its own
volunteered members and executives. The event was highly appreciated by the
participants of all age groups. All the sisters, mothers, boys & girls were given
invaluable gifts by AMAND at the end of the program.

AMAND Pune duly thanks Gen LN Singh, VSM** for hosting this event at his
residence with all necessary logistics. He cordially welcomed all the attendees of the
day & started the program.

The program was ended with a note of sincere thanks and profound appreciation by
the President, AMAND to all the generous donors and the participants.

This Press Release was sent by Amand Pune, who can be contacted at amand(dot)pune(at)gmail(dot)com.


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