On the Death Anniversary of The Great Pangal Leader : Mohammed Hanif Shah


Death Anniversary of Pangal Leader Mohammed Hanif Shah

Muhamud Hanif Shah was born at Irong Chesaba as a blessing of ALLAH for Maharum Alhaj Jamalluddin and khadijatun.With him a leader was also born within himself for the downtrodden and backward community. He was grown up as a youth who was having a dream for the community where the pangals would no longer be inferior politically, socially, economically to any other community. He had raised the voice of political, social and economic equality of every people in Manipur irrespective of any sections they belong to. Through the ALL MANIPUR MUSLIM STUDENT ORGANISATION , as a President, he raised the issue of Pangal reservation in the government jobs and education which was a long standing demand of the ALL MANIPUR MUSLIMS ORGANISATIONS CO-ORDINATING COMMITTEE . He was the leader of the movement who has intensified to earn the popular supports from every community by sacrificing his youth. As a part of the movement he had called for general strikes, boycott, economic blockade and public rally to make the deaf, dumb and blind politicians listen and to pay head to the deplorable conditions of the community where the whole of community had shown their support to his leadership .Ultimately, a memorandum of understanding was sign between AMMSO and GOVERNMENT OF MANIPUR and AMMOCOC as the witness on 4th February 2006 and Mohd Hanif Shah had signed on behalf of AMMSO . The Government had given the assurance to consider the demand of the Pangal reservation in that coming assembly session. On 24 April 2007, After a consistent struggle and huge sacrifice, finally the government of Manipur had announced the Reservation in appointment posts, service and admission in professional institutes for OBC where meitei and pangal community got 12.5% and 4% respectively. With this small gesture of affirmative action from the government of Manipur , the most downtrodden community have seen a hope with the fruits of the united struggle where the inequality have been slowly moving from our side since a few individuals have abled to climb the same ladders where the others have already passed. Still we have a lot more to struggle and to ask for to rid off the inequality and discrimination and to bring about equality and justice in our society. After the reservation movement came to materialize AMMSO had issued a discontentment statement since the quota is not enough to enhance the interest of this most backward community and ask for higher percentage. Since then , Mohd Hanif Shah had started the movement against corruption and drug problems in the state. On the unfortunate day of November 17, 2007, a black day for the Manipur was counted when the great leader of Manipur was killed mercilessly after he attended a meeting of the All Manipur Anti-drug Association(AMADA) at Madrassa Alia , Lilong, Thoubal District to fight against the drug menace in Lilong and Manipur as well. So, to keep the spirit of our leader alive, DAMMS is organising a commemoration of the death anniversary of the great Pangal leader with a dua program at two different venues in Delhi and offer supplication to Almighty ALLAH for His mercy for our beloved leader. And as a continuation from the part for the struggle of our great leader, DAMMS would like to urge the government of Manipur to announce reservation in the general schools, colleges and universities for the upliftment of the most backward community in Manipur.

Date- 17th November, 2017
New Delhi


This Press Release was sent by Damms Delhi, who can be contacted at dammsdelhi7(at)gmail(dot)com.


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