School student makes ‘robot’ with discarded household items


Imphal, November 09 2017: A class XI student of Johnstone Higher Secondary School is making good progress on making a ‘robot’ using discarded electronic items, syringes and mobile phone parts, prompting the Director of Education (S) to encourage the student to finish the project as soon as possible.

The student, Thiyam Nandalal, is the second out of six sons born to Thiyam Ishworchandra and Thiyam (o) Chaobi of Nambol Balaram Khun Maning Leikai, Bishnupur district .

Nandalal brought the (still in progress) robot to his school a few days back to show to his friends and the School Education Director came to know of the robot from a video uploaded on Facebook .

Speaking to The Sangai Express at the office of the School Education Director today, Nandalal (who also happens to be a football goalkeeper) said that the first robot/machine he created was an automatic chicken feeding machine which dispensed chicken feed after a set time limit without the need for human intervention .

He explained that he created the machine to feed the chickens reared at his home so that he could have time to play football as well as study and added that the machine worked on a time limit set using a mobile phone .

Nandalal joked that he eventually stopped using the machine because it used to dispense chicken feed whenever a company number called the mobile phone .

He recalled that he also created an electronic lock system for his home but failed to use it as his house did not have proper features for the machine.

He also pointed out that he often get scolded whenever the household radio stopped working as his parents suspected him of tinkering with the appliances .

Nandalal stated that although he has not taken part in any science exhibition, he began to create a robot at home after seeing one on TV, by collecting discarded solar lamps, IV pipes, syringes, remote control cars, plastic bottles, speakers and mobile phones .

He initially wanted to show the robot at his school’s literary meet but he was not able to finish the robot in time and it was only recently that he brought the robot to school in a suitcase and showed it to his friends .

The robot Nandalal created is still in the science laboratory of Johnstone Higher Secondary School .

He showed the robot to the Principal and his teachers today .

After strapping a mobile phone on his arm using adhesive tapes, Nandalal can make the robot move according to the movement of his arms.

The robot can even grasp a water cup just like a human being based on the action of the wearer .

The robot can also function when the controller (wearer) is about 20 feet away .

The robot created by the student used the IV pipe as a sort of hydraulic system for movement of its arms .

The School Education Director asked Nandalal if he can finish building the robot completely to which Nandalal replied that he can if he had around Rs 10,000 .

The Director in a festure of encouragement, handed over Rs 10,000 to Nandalal’s teacher and told the student that he would inspect the robot as soon as it is finished .

Nandalal said that he hates it if his parents call him for food when he is working on his robot and stated that if he becomes absorbed in his work, he completely forgets to eat and sleep until the project is completed .

Speaking to The Sangai Express, Nandalal also expressed that the time is right for the students or the youth of the State to pursue their passion whether it be sports, arts or science .

He added that he also loves playing football and he has even been invited to play football in Punjab by his friends .

The school’s Principal Ayekpam Sangita said that the school will provide every possible help to Nandalal to fulfil his aim and also added that she herself will personally give a cash assistance of Rs 10,000 to the student as motivation.

Source: The Sangai Express


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