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The Changing face of Manipuri youths

Recently, a national daily – ‘Telegraph’ breaks a story on how a class XI going student of a govt. High school builds a robot.

Some day back Manipur was in the news after the International Astronomical Union (IAU) named an asteroid after a 32 years old Manipuri scientist Dr. Guneshwar Thangjam.

In the recently held under -17 FIFA World Cup, 8 players from the state were among the Indian team.

Again Magnificent Mary Kom showed the world that at 34, she is still the queen of ring in the Asian Boxing Championship.

She won the gold medal in the Asian Boxing Championships in the Light Flyweight category, defeating DPR Korea’s Kim Hyang Mi.

In the field of arts and culture, young Kabui Singer, John Mapanmei is creating news with his extra ordinary talents.

Meitei teenage girl Mangka Mayanglambam is now a favorite star for her aesthetic charms by critics across the globe. There are many which are being left out in mentioning.

The young guys are making their own benchmark even in politics.

In the running of the government too, this half the law makers are below 40 years.

Their participation in the government showed that youths of today’s Manipur are not advancing in the field of education, literature, Arts, Science and sports but also to the running of the government which will shape the nation of tomorrows.

Points wanted to bring here is that Manipur is changing. Youths have changed and one day the erstwhile nation call Manipur, now become a part of India will shines bride in the world.

As the generation changes, everything changes – lifestyle, talking style, requirements, thinking style, views and what not.

What is fortunate for the people of the state is that – youths of today’s Manipur is moving towards the right direction.

Manipur’s youths are much more sensitive in any case. The young guns know their life goal and they do anything to achieve it.

The face of Manipur is changing because of the young power look at any field science, sports and arts and culture.

It is right time that the government acknowledge the changes seen among the youth of Manipur.

Manipur can some days become a human resource hubs but it is the seriousness of the government that can shape the destiny of this state.

Source: Imphal Times



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