Villagers of Kwatha Village decry over pathetic road condition


Laishram Ranbir

Promises made for better road infrastructures in the state turn as another joke when when it comes to link roads of the most of the city areas and villages in the state.
In most of the city areas and villages, roads have more potholes than carpeted and smooth surface. The potholes are so large that even drivers of four-wheelers have to think twice before commuting on these roads.

During a random check of link road of Kwatha Village in Tengnoupal District, revealed that the dilapidated condition of the Kwatha Village to Kwatha Lamkhai road has not only piqued residents and locals, but also exposed negligence on part of the state government’s high pitched slogans of development.

Despite being assured by numerous ministers and MLAs for the construction of the very road, one can witness that the village has been totally ignored during the course of development in Tengnoupal District.

The historic Kwatha village, the last and only Meitei village in the border area, where festival like Kwatha Festival and traditional Lai-Haraoba functions was still held no government was serious to the conditions of the road infrastructures.

Obviously, residents of the village are up in arms against the poor condition of the link road which leads to Asian Highway.

The road, full of large potholes and broken brims, is virtually non-motorable.
“The situation worsens during the monsoon when water potholes are filled with water and the road starts to run will slippery mud water, it becomes too difficult to drive vehicles, especially two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the road,” said Lukhoi, a local resident.
The village, which has the Memorial of establishment of the Village and the historical tree at the foot of the memorial which was once struck by lightning, is being visited by a number of visitors.

“The pathetic condition of the road not only causes inconvenience to visitors but also leaves a bad impression of the area on them,” the residents said.

The poor road condition of the village has also been posing a big hurdle to the farmers in sending their produce to the nearby markets.

The disappointed people of the village area have over the years been demanding the State Government for early repair of the road, though their collective pleas have not been taken seriously by the powers that be over the past many years.

Expressing strong resentment the locals have even shown less interested on the state government verbal assurance which does not put into work.

With 73 houses and 315 Population, Kwatha Village in Tengnoupal District is the last surviving only Meitei establish village in the Indo-Myanmar Border area.
The village is famous for the production of SOIBUM (fermented bamboo shoots) in the state.

25 houses of the village are still taking the oath of Meitei religion while the rest have converted into Christian religion.

Unfortunately it is sad to described that no concern or state government have shown any interest to develop the village, even many of the contractors seems to taken the advantages for their own benefit submitting fake work completion documents without even carrying out in real.

Who to blame, state government or the contractors, that’s the only question, remains as of now.

If necessary processes are not taken up, one day one will not be able to witness the village except for namesake.


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