Agitations will continue as long as the contents of framework agreement are not disclosed to public: Ibobi


THOUBAL | Dec 9 : At the public meeting organised by Heirok Block Congress Committee under the supervision of Manipur Pradesh Committee at Umang Laikon under Heirok part I, former chief minister, Okram Ibobi Singh said the public is still suspicious of the secrecy behind the framework agreement.

He said the agitations of the congress will continue as long as the contents of the framework agreement are not disclosed to the public. The agitations are not being organised against any political party, or against the militant group NSCN- (IM), he stated. It is not for making political gains of the party or against the framework agreement itself which seeks to bring an everlasting resolution to the Naga issue, he added.

What the congress party has been demanding is that the terms on which the government of India and NSCN – (IM) have agreed upon, that has been included in the framework agreement be disclosed to the public, and not to keep it as a secret, he maintained.

He further said the signing up of an agreement between two sides means that the two parties have agreed on certain terms. If both the parties do not agree with each other on specific terms, then there would be no signing up of the agreement, he said. The terms which has been agreed upon, are disclosed to the public and not kept in a secret manner, he said adding this is the practice conducted all over the world.

However, the agreement that was signed up on August 3, 2015 between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and general secretary of NSCN – (IM), Th. Muivah and its contents have not been disclosed to the public and kept under secrecy in the past two years, he added.

If the contents of the agreement bring a permanent and peaceful solution to the issues of the Nagas, then it would be for the betterment of all and the congress party will support it, he said. However, if the agreement does something opposite, that may bring harm to other communities while trying to please another, and has the possibility of affecting the territorial integrity of Manipur, then congress party will face them, he assured.

Ibobi further said during president Ramnath Kovind’s visit at the state to attend Sangai Festival, a copy of the memorandum was handed over to the president, demanding disclosure of the contents of the framework agreement.

The president responded by saying “This is a political issue” and made no further reply, he continued. But we came to know that the president went to Nagaland afterwards and said to the public that the issue of Naga people will be resolved soon, he added.

On the other hand, during the meeting that took place at Kolkatta between the chief ministers of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, and home minister, Rajnath, an assurance was given that the resolution of Naga issue will not affect the territorial integrity of the neighbouring states. However, when he gave the comment at Nagaland that “their demands will be given,” Ibobi said.

Such act of speaking something at Imphal and saying another at Nagaland, which is a double standard treatment of BJP leaders, is causing the people of Manipur to lose their sleep, he added.

Speeches were given by T. Mangibabu, Kumari Tilotama and former representative of Hierok assembly constituency, former minister M. Okendro. The meeting was attended by thousands who arrived from several areas of Hierok.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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