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Announcements of new districts useless without infrastructure development

IMPHAL | Dec 8: MLA of Jiribam, Ashab Uddin said during first districthood day observation of Kangpokpi and Jiribam held today at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul that the state had announced Jiribam and Kangpokpi as new districts but the government has underestimated the need for infrastructure development.

The observation was jointly organised by Joint Observation Committee of Kangpokpi and Jiribam.

He further said, though Jiribam district has been announced as a new district, people are facing problems due to lack of development for the infrastructure. He appreciates the civil society organisations who took the movement for demanding Jiribam as new district and those who were ready to sacrifices their lives in the movement.

But with the coming of new government in the state people can make some progress. The chief minister also assured to bring development at the earliest, he added. He further said the main problem in the district is that there are no government offices though it has achieved districthood. And there is lack of development in the infrastructure of hospital, health centres, education sectors and the people are also facing problems of not having district transport office (DTO).

Ashab said people need to go at Imphal if they want to update their driving licenseand registration of vehicles due to lack of DTO in the district. Due to improper infrastructure, jail criminals are sent to Imphal which is causing the police personnel to face severe problems. Ashab demanded the state to establish a DTO and construct a jail in the district urgently in order to avoid many issues.

He appealed to establish a truck terminus in the district for which Chandrapur would be a right place for the construction. As Jiribam is just next to the neighbouring state, the state will take necessary steps for the welfare of state economy, Ashab added.

Former convenor of Joint Action Committee on Sadar Hills District Demand Committee, Nehkhothang Kipgen said before the announcement of Kangpokpi as new district, people of Sadar hills have been demanding for a new district since 1975. During that movement, people had sacrificed their life and they are now honoured, he added.

The government had announced seven new districts but if the government failed to bring in development, then there is no use for creating new districts, Kipgen claimed.

Former convenor of Joint Action Committee on Jiribam District Demand Committee, Wangkheimayum Dinesh Meitei said the new districts need development and though Jiribam has potential for production of rubber, tea and many fruits, the government failed to bother about the development of infrastructure.

In the district, people are facing hardships regarding transport system and with the lack of District Rural Development Agencies programme there is less welfare for the people. He appealed the state to take necessary steps for the new district to bring development in the infrastructure for the welfare of people, Dinesh added.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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