ASHAs condemns allegations against Dr. Sonachand


JIRIBAM | Dec 4 : ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) activists of Jiribam today organised a public meeting today in front of Emoinu Gas Agency protesting against the alleged defamation charges put against Dr. Sonachand Sharma and trying to evict him from Jiribam.

ASHAs who attended the protest expressed that Dr. Sharma is a person of strong morals and having good character. Placards that read ‘We condemn the false allegations charged against him’, ‘Dr. Sharma is the one who wants to help the people’ were displayed in the public meeting.

One ASHA said Dr. Sharma is a very good doctor who has deep concerns for the poor people. His presence has let the poor people avoid going outside for treatment as he is available for their treatment.

Supervisor, ASHA, Jiribam, M. Anita Devi said Dr. Sharma’s stay in Jiribam not only has brought progress in Jiribam but he himself is a doctor having good character.

He had been staying here by giving his best efforts to bring more progress till now, she said.

We condemn the false allegations charged against him trying to expel him from Jiribam, she maintained. He had been staying at this remote area and working with the ASHAS by guiding them, she added.

She further said, since there are no doctors for gynaecology at Jiribam, Dr. Sharma had been supervising all the efforts made by ASHA up till now. There will no other doctor like him at Jiribam. Therefore, we appeal to the concerned authorities that he must not be evicted from Jiribam.

On the other hand, upon meeting Dr. Sharma, he expressed to the media that being a doctor who had been staying very far from home in order to do his duties, he is deeply hurt to have received these allegations, which are made without finding out any of the truth. He further said it was very unfortunate that his personal character was brought in to all this.

He said he does not accept the allegations that he has been involved in crime against women. He was not involved in the incident that happened at the hospital on November 29, he said adding he was at an official tour with CMO, H. Ingomcha at Borobekra.

Denying the charges made regarding the misappropriation of hospital funds, he further said the funds and equipment, and their management is controlled by Hospital Management Society. About the charges held against him that certain staff who have families are made to stay outside on rent, he said the hospital currently has sufficient quarters to say, and there are even empty rooms available.

Since 2017, all the management of the hospital and its controlling has been handled by deputy medical superintendent and he will not accept the charges labelled against him, he maintained. He further appealed to the public and concerned authorities not to repeat such treatments to doctors who came from miles away to serve the people, and urged to support him in his efforts to serve the people.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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