BJP Manipur warns AMWJU chief of legal suit


IMPHAL | Dec 3: BJP Manipur Pradesh today clarified that no BJP member threaten AMWJU president, W. Samjai, on the question of VIP culture in a local electronic media.

BJP secretary of administration, R.K. Shivchandra, however, said in a press meet held at its Nityaipat Chuthek office that Samjai defamed his party and he should clarify on the matter at the earliest, failing which the party will lodge a defamation case against him.

He also asked why a president of the media organisation should point out an individual from all BJP group to defame.

Shivchandra further said that his taking escorts are only for security purpose. He pointed out that previous Congress government followed more VIP culture than BJP. He also said that he respects AMWJU and its president, who is a responsible leader, but the act of insulting the image of BJP is unfortunate, he added.

Other BJP representatives also said that the party is filing a defamation case if the AMWJU leader does not apologise at the earliest.

At the same time, general secretary of the party, Nimbus Singh, also told reporters that state Congress party is on a mission to disintegrate the people of the state by confusing the people.

‘It is saddening to see the Congress party instigating the valley population on the matter of safeguarding the state from Naga integration movement, when they are the ones who planted the time-bomb on this issue’, said Nimbus.

He said that BJP government is new and has recently come to the state. It was during the time of Congress government that Framework Agreement was signed and now they are barking behind BJP’s ears asking for another chance, he added.

He also assured that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured that the state integrity will be protected by the Indian government and state’s integrity will always be protected.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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